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BridgeToBaby California
My name is Marni and I'm the creator of is a new online... More
Michilkio California
With lots of fecal material roaming inside your stomach, you cannot remain fit. So with the help... More
JovankaCiares California
Jovanka Ciares is a Holistic Health And Wellness Coach helping people live healthy, happy and... More
Jessica G. New York, New York
The Cult Beauty blog is "the beauty blog everyone is talking about", says beauty editor... More
jason h California
i recently been treated for lower back pain and sciatica.i was lifting a heavy object in work and... More

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Non-invasive test for bladder outlet obstruction launched by Allanda .. Patient Expert contractility, or it may be the result of bladder outlet obstruction due to an enlarged prostate. These obstructions can usually be treated, but complications may include bladder stones, kidney failure and urinary...
through with. I'm 23 now and have been having off and on stomache pain recently, nothing too painful... and down into my right testicle. Seems crazy but maybe Meuralasia Parastetica, Pelvic Outlet Syndrom, or...
Bloated stomach with COPD… by Ron Patient Expert has COPD and he says his stomach is very tight”. That’s a very common problem with respiratory illness..., which causes a painfully bloated stomach. When it’s difficult to breathe, it’s a reflex action to swallow...
Gastric Bypass by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert stomach outlet, which slows the speed by which food leaves your stomach.... The procedure also constructs a tiny stomach outlet, which slows the speed by which food leaves...
Ulcers by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert the intensive measures outlined for refractory ulcers. Obstruction: Gastric outlet obstruction... into your stomach to look at the stomach lining. The symptoms can be diverse but they can vary...
strangulation of your hernia.  Small bowel obstruction if you've had abdominal surgery previously.  Blood work...?  Stomach flu?  Lots of different possibilities that require your family physician to serve as quarterback...
L.A. blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas by Kim K. Patient Expert Good news for improving chances of LA citizens' health... LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles City Council has approved a one-year moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in a low-income area of the city. The moratorium una
Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert and obstruction: Ulcers located at the end of the stomach where the duodenum is attached, can cause swelling... into the stomach. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin to digest the food...
Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert you to thoroughly chew each piece. Even so, the gristle could plug the outlet of your stomach pouch... obstructive sleep apnea, which is associated with airway blockage when the pharyngeal...
Multiple Sclerosis And Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Is There A Link? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor stomach)? The answers to this informal and unscientific poll was surprisingly lopsided. Out of 36... to sleep on their sides or stomachs. Many complained of intense fatigue. This is the exact pattern...

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Complications ... ded for asthmatics, or those who have, or have had in the past, stomach conditions, such as ulcers. Speak to you doctor if you a ... » Read on
Prevention ... ondition of the digestive system where acid leaks back from the stomach into the esophagus. The main symptoms of GERD are heartb ... » Read on