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gavin f. oakland, California
I mostly climb @ Ironworks now, sometimes go back to Missions Cliffs. I'm trying to lead as much... More
Artful Dodger Savannah, Georgia
Dedicated runner of all distances, Currently recovering from badly sprained ankle (yawn). Enjoy... More

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you need to go to the doctor I haven't had personal expereiencew with sprains, but my daughter needed about a month to fully recover from a sprain.
Hello Douglas, there are three joints in the lower extremities; the hip, the knee, and the ankle. Each joint shares in the load of vector force when you are active with your legs. When you stabilize one of those joints usin
Hello K, there are two factors in answering your question. The first is how you are caring for yourself during the healing. If you are skimping on sleep and eating fast food, while drinking sugary, caffeinated beverages, t
You could actually be seeing the results of a sprained ligament, a strained muscle, or some type of bony involvement in your dog's front leg.  Any of these might show what you're describing...favoring...
This could involve anything from a bad bruise to a sprain to a partial (or complete) dislocation to a fracture to an infection. Your best bet is to have your dog examined by your veterinarian, possibly
If this has happened before, I'd be concerned about joint problems rather than soft tissue ones.   If it's a rear leg, I'd be concerned about knee or hip problems, which are fairly common and more so in animals who have been
A truly sprained ankle might gradually get better on its own with proper confinement..., but it should get better eventually.  The problem here is that you don't know if it is just a sprain or if it's...
him in, the vet knew right away it was a sprain.  He gave my dog a shot of cortisone, and some pain pills... for about a week just to make sure he didn't resprain.  We found out that sometimes dog sprains get worse...
Ankle sprains take time and attention to heal. Just as all human beings are unique, so too are all healing timelines. Since you don't mention what sort of competition you are engaged in I can't...
dms6610, Yes, it is possible for a dog to "sprain" it's tail, but it doesn't happen very often.  A dog would have to be up in the air and land very awkwardly with the tail to the side for this happen...

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