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Hey folks, I am a registered dietitian, and a new mom (little Lincoln was born Feb 2007). I... More
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I am 50 years old and a library clerk. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for almost 10 years... More

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I'm so sorry that you are experiencing loss of function as a result of your brain tumor -- do you have someone who can speak on your behalf, I hope?  I wish you well and hope for your comfort and well-being.
Relatives of people with brain tumors at higher risk for developing the same type of tumor by Kathlyn S. Patient Expert of cancerous brain tumors appear to be at higher risk of developing the same kind of tumors compared to people... brain tumors -- either glioblastomas or astrocytomas -- along with family medical histories...
Voices Against Brain Cancer Discusses New Role For DNA In Preventing Brain Tumors by Len S. Patient Expert , discusses a potential new role for DNA in the prevention of brain tumors. According to an October 10, 2013 article published by Cancer Research UK titled “New Role for DNA Unraveler in Prevention Brain Tumor...
This is your brain tumor on viagra by Katherine B. Patient Expert for erectile dysfunction opened a mechanism called the blood-brain tumor barrier and increased delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to malignant brain tumors. The experiments were conducted at Cedars-Sinai Medical...
how old or new this quesiton is.... Blessings! Kathleen No alternative treatments for brain tumors..., ironically they also feed fungus. There is growing information about cancer/tumors actually being from fungus...
this helps...... I to have a brain tumor Oligoastrocytoma 2/3 found in 1998 had surgery and the tumor...   Hi ,   My mother had lymphoma in right frontal lobe brain . She underwent surgery + radiation...
First of all, my prayers are with you and your family.  I hope that you are under the care of a physician and that they are recommending treatment for your daughter.  Can you give us more details?
Dear Dustin, I'd suggest you start keeping a journal or log of the behaviors and incidents that seem questionable or unusual to you. Write down dates, times, surrounding circumstances and enough details that you will be abl
That is not a common thought, although in my searchings, I found there were a few connections, but this could be coincidence. Most people were told there was nothing to worry about. If I were you I'd just have it checked out,
nerve to that eye.  The optic nerves split into 2 paths at the base of the brain and go to each eye.  So, yes, any kind of inflammation or tumor in that area of the brain could cause what you are seeing...

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Introduction ... for 1.6% of all primary cancers. However, it is more common for brain tumors to start elsewhere in the body and be carried to th ... » Read on
Causes Some brain tumors are congenital (present at birth) and are due to ab ... » Read on