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Michael Adams Scotland, UK
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gcarr03 California
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to pass stool since there was burning sensation. Yesterday, i consulted the family physician(I stay... to accomodate the passing of large hard stool.  They're often difficult to heal since the anus is stretched...
(we werent sure if there was any internal bleeding coz his stools were black). now he's showing signs... it was the blood that he swallowed from his gums. also, as i'd told u, whenever his gums bleed, his stool...
immediately, have a rectal check-up and probably colonoscopy. Watch your diet, so that your stool is soft and regular, you don't have to excessively strain to pass the stool and make your rectal swelling(s) burst–that explains...
tract. One possibility is that the black you saw in her stool was from bleeding somewhere in the part of her intestines closer to her stomach. On the other other hand, since she passed something hard and black...
Bleeding in the Digestive Tract by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert will coat or mix with the stool. The stool may be mixed with darker blood if the bleeding is higher... any changes in stool color. If sudden massive bleeding occurs, a person may feel weak, dizzy, faint, short...
....I'm still holding out hope, but it's fading fast as each day passes.  you can hope that it was pregnancy related bleeding.   However, realistically you should prepare yourself in case of bad news...
have your bowl movements been hard? Have you been straining?   Is the blood red or brown?   and what exactly do you mean by "danger sign"?
This is a question that can only be answered with "ideas" of the what may have caused this.    Without a necropsy done on the dead pups you will never know for sure.   The necropsy may not even be definitive as to why.... T
stools from an infected animal or person. Lyme disease - can be passed on if a tick... And also we pass on disease to animals. The one that comes to mind for me is MRSA or methicillin...
Advantages Going Paleo (No Grains): Improved Stool Quality (less wiping), Odorless Flatulence, More 'Spurty' and More SUPER S*X by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Xavier NaidooDieser Weg [The Way...stony and hard] Love love LOVE, Patrik's site and all the stunning and ridiculously incredible friends and threads there... My favorite threadso Some Small and Quirky

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Symptoms ... Anal fissures usually cause two main symptoms - pain and bleeding. Pain An anal fissu ... » Read on
Symptoms ... when passing a stool, bleeding after you have passed a stool, ... » Read on