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acute rheumatic carditis membersMembers related to acute rheumatic carditis

Nav J. Glastonbury, Connecticut
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Carolyn C. Menlo Park, California
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Pinkpanther Toronto, CA
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ricadovara California
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Kate K. Alfred Station, New York
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The first Indian guidelines for Acute rheumatic fever diagnosis and management . by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor   criteria for Acute Rheumatic fever diagnosis and management. It was long over due . . . three cheers... .Hence the importance of which is down graded Steroids  are mandatory in all carditis for 12 weeks Benzathine  penicillin...
What are the mechansims of mitral regurgitation in Acute Rheumatic Fever ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Rheumatic valvulits , Valvular inflammation and edema  is the traditional answer .A detailed... of about 70 patients  (with both first and recurrent episodes of carditis ) the following findings...
How often Acute rheumatic fever presents with non migratory mono arthriits ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Acute rheumatic fever classically involves large   joints of lower or upper limbs  referred to as  fleeting migratory polyarthritis .But this pattern is  not  exclusive.  In fact   acute rheumatic  fever...
Mechanisms of rheumatic mitral regurgitation by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor of MR in acute rheumatic fever is different from chronic rheumatic heart disease. Acute Rheumatic fever The following mechanisms contribute to MR of acute rheumatic fever Edema of leaflets (Carey Coombs murmur...
An Alternate Explanation For Strep Throat & Rheumatic Fever by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor sounded like an acute episode of obstructive sleep apnea. Let me explain: Rheumatic fever typically... throat infections with antibiotics to save one patient from rheumatic fever and heart disease. Typically...
Rheumatic Fever Treatments, Remedies And Prevention by Corry C. Patient Expert Once you came down with Rheumatic fever, you are very likely to get it again, but the treatments are not only geared towards bringing the inflammations under control and providing relief...
Rheumatic Fever by Corry C. Patient Expert to four weeks after the initial streptococcal infection. Rheumatic Fever ...
Great review articles : A 50 year update on Rheumatic Heart disease from India by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Rheumatic fever and RHD is still a major cause for  cardio vascular morbidity and mortality... prevalence .  Our understanding of rheumatic heart disease is based on isolated  studies on localized...
Rheumatic Fever Part 2 by Corry C. Patient Expert Even though this disease affects adults as well, it most commonly occurs in children between the age of 5 and 16 and as soon as any symptoms of strep throat manifest themselves, it is of the highest priority to see a doctor
Dialysible Acute coronary syndrome by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor A 38 year old man presented with  acute breathlessness  and chest pain .His ECG is  posted... intra-cellualr hyper-kalemia. Another possibility is diffuse uremic peri-carditis , which is a common...

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Diagnosis As rheumatic fever can take several different forms, there is no si ... » Read on
Causes ... s pneumonia or meningitis. Subacute endocarditis is the most common form of endocarditis and i ... » Read on