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tuckerbecky California
What helps one lose weight is a good diet exercise plan. but sometimes it is not enough. you ave... More
Camisha D. Austin, Texas
Korimorkons California
It has natural ingredients like raspberry ketone, green tea extract, acai berry, apple cider... More
Alyssa S. Crowell, Texas
Whitney G. Lexington, Kentucky
I am a twenty-something Jersey girl currently living in Kentucky. I love all things healthy and... More

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Roxy ,is a doctor overseeing this diet you are on? Hi Roxy... what do you expect to achieve by limiting your calories to 200/day?  
Day 1 1300-1500 calorie meal plan by Michelle J. Patient Expert you could keep using this diet to loose however much you need. I get too hungry when I eat a 1200 calorie meal, so for me the 1300-1500 calorie plans take my weight off a little slower, but I am not starving. Don?t get me wrong...
How Do You Cut 50,000 Calories From Your Healthy Diet Plan? by Jayson H. Registered Dietician   It is actually very easy to cut 50,000 calories from your Healthy diet plans.  Watch and learn how   Follow this one simple tip for healthy eating and you will be on your way to quick weight loss
Are There Any Easy Calorie Shifting Meal Planning Tips? by Lucy J. Patient Expert your meals with care: It’s not as easy to plan meals for the calorie shifting diet as with other programs... this diet works is that you group and plan your meals according to the calorie shifting diet for eleven...
On Gradually Achieving a Sustainable Local Diet - Meal Planning by Jennifer Patient Expert , but to someone whose diet consists largely of takeout or prepared foods, the first step to meal planning is to learn... This first post is going to be about meal planning. What I hope will be a brief...
Day 2 1300-1500 calorie meal plan by Michelle J. Patient Expert , I stick a piece of sugar free gum in my mouth. This day is under the calorie amount... is found in the diary section of the grocery store. The trick to lower the calories on this PB is to skim the oil...
Shifting Calories - Learn The Truth Behind This Diet Plan by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert and what does it do to your body: First of all,Calorie Shifting isn’t a deprivation diet. You get to eat 4 reasonable meals... people to review and write about the Calorie Shifting diet, and as I personally manage a webpage...
Prevention Magazine 400-calorie Diet Fix by Denise Reynolds RD LDN Patient Expert while maintaining control over daily calorie levels for weight loss. Another positive aspect of this diet plan... and still lose weight. It is being called the 400-calorie fix diet. The main premise of the diet is to eat four...
Dear Mark: College Meal Plan by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional can and should be made to make the meal plan healthier. The changes I propose aren’t going to catch any of you off guard, but I tried.... The school I go to is rather rigid with their meal plans, most students are forced to live on campus...
What I Learned From Diet Breaks, Free Meals and Refeeds by Vickie Patient Expert Modified Fast is, and my experience with a liquid diet plan. In Part 6, I learned... on my daily calorie count. That helped to keep me zeroed into maintenance. Overall, my complete diet break...

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