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pam s. oakland, California
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, said I had implantation bleeding, but negative blood test. They gave me an ultrasound: the image was like a blizzard..., well well!!! I was indeed pregnant, and had a little girl that is now over 1 years old. Medical...
Hi, I am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant.  I found out I was pregnant after my progesterone... weeks back to give me more time so the ultrasound would show better.  I could not believe I didn't need...
hi im new at this. im barely 7 weeks pregnant and just started spotting yesturday. its not aot... of fearing the worst :( i'm about 7-8 weeks had an ultrasound last week 7/21/10 and they seen baby...
i too have the same problem. Today i had ultrasound and the doc said i showing 6 weeks instead of 8 weeks. they told me to come for ultrasound next week to check for the growth. I 'am really worried...
That sounds normal... since you ovulated in the week after the 14th day of the cycle.    Are they concerned?
Roni’s Pregnancy Week 34 – Ultrasound Update! by Roni N. Patient Expert I was SO energetic today… now? not so much. ;) If you are not reading this on Roni's Weigh OR your RSS reader then it has been plagiarized!
!   I just found out on Wednesday last week that I am pregnant, But not quite sure how far along at the moment. I'm... it up four weeks ago on ultrasound. And thankyou for your answer. I will now be a little more at ease...
Yes, this is normal, Kathe. Even using a ultrasound Doppler fetal heartbeats are very difficult to hear before weeks 9-10, and sometimes not until weeks 12-14. Best wishes\ Ian
me to get a blood test and an blood reports have come and my doc said that my hormones are perfectly... months prior to that also. The scan showed that I was at 5 weeks eventhough as I said by my dates I was 8...
Results of our 20 week ultrasound by Polly Gamwich Patient Expert I am so excited to report that our 20 week ultrasound went GREAT! When we first arrived... and when the ultrasound wand was placed on my tummy :-( As she took her million measurements she kept placing the wand...

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Why it should be done ... scans : the first between weeks 10-14, to check the baby's due date, and ... » Read on
Treatment ... An alpha-fetoprotein test is usually performed at around 15-20 weeks of your pregnancy to check for the amount of alpha-fetopro ... » Read on