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We were seven weeks pregnant and pale pink spotting started two nights ago, just for one wipe... and was measuring at six weeks.  I started spotting again last night...just one wipe and just waited...
40 weeks and 6 days and still pregnant! by Kami Patient Expert Ha! It is funny how I was so much more excited to still be pregnant in the early days... some of the baby stuff we have. Ok, all of it because we don't have much. The night before I took some pictures...
26 Week Check-up and Pictures (Gulp)! by Tina Patient Expert . I am up a little bit more in the weight category - 18 lbs at 26 weeks! I feel like this is a good number.... I know, HOW BORING!!!! Before I got pregnant I really thought I would be that pregnant lady...
Thirty four weeks pregnant. ... by Katie Patient Expert Thirty four weeks pregnant. Nine months. 34 weeks. 9 months. Pregnant...!!! Here I am, today. Oh, and for comparison purposes, these are pictures of me at 33 weeks with Will. Oh, look...
36 Weeks Pregnant! by Kathryn H. Patient Expert will be photographing the birth so stay tuned for some neat birth pictures.  I have also invited the three wonderful... with my midwife.  Next week will probably be my last week as I will be 37 weeks and ready to take the last few...
Family Picture by Lisa Patient Expert 2005 I took this photo for our holiday cards in late November, 2005, just a few weeks before I became pregnant with Bridget. It was a happy time in our lives. I had recovered fully from the surgery to remove...
I took this picture yesterday. I ... by Corin Jones Patient Expert I took this picture yesterday. I'm sixteen weeks now, and finally feel like I have an actual pregnant belly instead of just a gut hangin' around my waist. It feels very good to finally get a nice...
is she be pregnant? after what we do?, plsss,, answer.. :) if your period comes then most likely you are not pregnant. If you don't want to wait first response can be taken with accurate results as far as 5 days...
you may have ovulated later which would cause a difference in gestational age.  Generally heartbeat isn't detectable until 7-8 weeks...but they should have seen an sac and fetal pole at this point
Hi, I am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant.  I found out I was pregnant after my progesterone..., and the digital test said I was pregnant.  I felt really pregnant that day, but also experienced some cramping...

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Treatment ... An alpha-fetoprotein test is usually performed at around 15-20 weeks of your pregnancy to check for the amount of alpha-fetopro ... » Read on
Complications ... rt of pregnancy and the symptoms typically ease after around 16 weeks of pregnancy. Ways to reduce the feeling ... » Read on