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talljosh67 Washington, District of Columbia
My name is Josh. I came on here cause I've suffered from chronic pelvic pain for 6 years. I've had... More
VaclavGregor Ostrava, CZ
I was always skinny. That affected my confidence, success with women and it negatively reflected... More
Peggy Lou Morgan LaPine, Oregon
I am Mom to Billy Ray, who became our son at 15 months of age, and is now 26 years old.  It... More
PJ .. Hollywood, Florida
I am a 53 year old alcoholic, , living in Oxford, Mississippi with my husband of 20... More
Kim S. stanford, California
I have been working at Stanford in the Pediatric Nephrology Dept. as an AA for almost 9 months... More

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You should call the doc and see if you have an infection
On Why I Don't Look 8 1/2 Months Pregnant... by Clare Patient Expert ask you why you don't look very pregnant this late in the game?" Me: "Uh, yeah, some do." Him: "Do you tell them that half the baby is in your vagina?" Me: "Uh, I'm usually not that blunt, but..." It was actually...
you count from the first day of full red flow- that is cycle day 1 (abbreviated CD1). The last day of your cycle is the day before your next CD1...   If you are trying then I would strongly suggest that you decide which
look and feel bloated this far out from your surgery and you now "look 6 months pregnant", I'm a little... common because of the nature of the surgery. Most women report being bloated weeks, sometimes a month or...
he sometimes it does. you should try to avoid rubbing ur partner sperm on your vagina and the opening.... there are various other places where you can enjoy :) For most of your cycle the answer...
it could be any number of things.  Are things more stressful than normal? Have you been ill? Gained or lost weight relatively quickly?   It sounds as though your cycle has been annovulatory (meaning no ovulation).  If you
in 4 months? thanks you haven't ovulated...annovulatory... I would suggest fertility testing...
you can still get a woman pregnant because you were not diagnosed with azoospermia... they are pregnant.  Most women don't pay much attention to their cycles... it starts- it stops...
(which I am leaning toward since you are having such long cycles)then you can't get pregnant...
. Way back in 1989 I was pregnant with my son, I was consuming a healthy vegan diet. During one.... You only need 200-300 more calories a day when pregnant to support the growth of the baby and you don't want...

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Treatment ... en in the future. If your prolapse is mild to moderate and not causing any pain or discomfort, you won't need ... » Read on
Complications It is common for pregnant women to experience several of the following co ... » Read on