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umassmom Adams, Massachusetts
Hi, I am married have 2 children . My son will be graduating in May from college and my daughter... More
BridgeToBaby California
My name is Marni and I'm the creator of is a new online... More
lita s. Vermillion, South Dakota
I have been a lacto vegetarian for about five months, though I have very little dairy in my diet.... More
nobvolte California
Judging from what instructors say about Alore, what I have is an impulse about Alore Anti-Wrinkle... More
Bob DeMarco Delray Beach, Florida
I am a citizen journalist, writer, investor and caregiver. I am the sole caregiver for my... More

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Can Snoring As A Baby Predict Behavior Problems? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor and children: That it’s a major undiagnosed cause of developmental and behavior problems in childhood... out a behavioral assessment. Not too surprisingly, children who snored as early as 6 months of age had a 50...
More Benefits of Breastfeeding: Fewer Behavior Problems by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert who were breastfed for at least four months were less likely to have behavioural problems at age 5,’ says Maria... Daily article “Prolonged Breastfeeding May Be Linked to Fewer Behavior Problems” is a bit misleading...
are you over or under the age of 35? What homeopathic medicine are you taking? Was the treatment self perscribed or done by a doctor? How long is your luteal phase? (The day after ovulation to the day before your period be
Babies Prefer Kind Behavior, Want Mean Behavior Punished: When Ph.Ds Play Puppeteer by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy incredible... Hamlin reports "by eight months, babies have developed nuanced views of reciprocity... Thanks, Prof Hamlin, University of British Columbia.  Babies prefer kind people...
Baby Nutrition – University of Texas Study finds Supplementing Babies’ Formula with DHA Boost Cognitive Development by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert of breastfeeding.  At 9 months old, the babies were then given a problem solving test which involved following... has previously shown breastfed babies have higher cognitive skills than formula fed babies, and a recent study finds...
Are Baby Boys Tougher than Baby Girls? by HUG Your Baby Patient Expert to their mothers in the early years have more behavior problems later in childhood. © HUG Your Baby 2012 .... Do we (as a culture) expect boy babies to handle stress more easily than their two-month-old twin sister? Some moms...
Cooler months raise sperm quality, chance of producing baby increase #parents #prolife #fertility #prochoice by Patty .. Patient Expert the winter&fall months are best. Warmer weather, along with sitting for long periods, bike riding often&increasing the warmth of the scrotum can cause male fertility problems. More motile&stronger sperm are produced...
Systemic Infection and Inflammation Leads to Cognitive Decline and Behavioral Problems in Alzheimer's Patients by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert are symptoms that come along with dementia. But, what if something treatable is causing the problem? By Bob... living with Alzheimer's starts to engage in "suspicious behaviors". Maybe they are irrational, angry...
me) have been licked by their dogs seemingly without incidence, but bear in mind that babies have immature immune... "I have worms".... not too mention you feel totally disgusting. My opinion is that for a baby...
Obesity is Now a Problem for Unborn Babies by Amanda Patient Expert Obesity isn’t just an American problem; in Britain, doctors have begun administering the diabetes drug metformin to the unborn babies of morbidly obese mothers-to-be to reduce the fetuses’ weight...

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Treatment ... time to fully recover from the condition. Common treatment methods for PND are detailed below. ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... otherwise healthy baby who cries excessively in the first four months of life is usually thought to have colic. About 20% of ba ... » Read on