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9 Days After Iui Negative

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no you cannot get pregnant three days before your period.   I am not entirely sure what you mean by the rest of your question.  Could you rephrase?
it finally showed up today only 8 days late. must have been the deployment, i just dont remember... again. got my period on sept 2nd which was about 4 days early. then this month i havent gotten it yet. been a little...
ok. i am just worried, if i dont get a period after 14 days, does that mean im pregnant?  i took urine pt last dec. 31 it turned out negative.. im kidda paranoid.. :( day 12 today still no period...
the only thing to do at this point is to go to your physican and request a blood beta draw (where they can also check your progesterone levels to see if you have even ovulated this cycle).    
Any kind of dietary changes, stress, anxiety, etc...  can lead to irregular periods.  Once your body does adjust to the new dietary changes or other factors it will regulate again.  This is just a few examples of what could
prenancy test on the 25th of october and it came negative it was a home pregnancy test what kind of tests... pregnancy test and that came out negative. oh well i did a test and thats what i said.. but it doesnt...
DAYS I ALWAYS CUM ON 22ND OF EVERY MONTH on average how long are your cycles?  Are you practicing...
If the tests came back negative as soon as that then I'd suggest calling your physican and scheduling a p4(progesterone test) be done (and proabably they'll do a hCG as well). 
if you get a negative I would suggest that you really push for a provera/progesterone set so you can end this cycle ...

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