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Karen W. California
I am a writer, wife, mother and advocate of three African American boys, 2 of whom happen to have... More
karriehlers Fairfield, California
I'm a runner! It's been about 2 years since I seriously started running, although I've enjoyed... More
chrrmar jonesville, Louisiana
i am a 63 old widow i have a lot of health problems. i have 2 grown kids.    i... More
Lopendpwd California
Supercharged HCG is basically a hormone which is produced by the pregnant woman’s placenta.... More
whiteraven1205 California
My name is carla. I am 36 yrs old. i have 4 beautiful kids, ages 16, 14, 9,7. I had a heart attack... More

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  If your dog is using her urine to mark/protect her space, then the hypothyroidism... in their environment that makes them feel more vulnerable for some reason, they'll urinate to signal a willingness...
Have you called your doctor yet? If you haven't, call the office and speak to a nurse. If you don't have a doctor, then yes, take him to the ER. It could be something along the lines of his/her digestive tract isn't working p
Please have her see her dentist or her private health care provider, who know her best, and can help her.
Lance Armstrong blood and urine samples could be subject to new anti-doping test by Tom H. Patient Expert -doping test that detected metabolites of plastic in his urine, a sign he may have received banned blood... grand jury investigation into doping conspiracies on his teams. Armstrong has left blood and urine...
I'm 46 Years Old, I Can't Have Alzheimer's Disease, The Story of James Smith by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert about James in 2007. Hi, My name is James Smith, I am 46 years old, married for 22 years... at the Mayo Clinic. The tests included Extensive blood and urine testing Spinal taps (and blood patches...
Rain, Blood, and a 5 year old Man by BwhoUR Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven getting so old! No longer a baby, heck, he stopped being a baby around 2. Such a little man.... What a sweetheart. Last week at the Dr's, I had to have a blood draw. When they poked me with the needle...
Yesterday I took the 5 year old for a blood test … by Laurachora Patient ExpertFacebook The blood test is to determine whether he has Lyme Disease after the tick bite, in Holland . On Monday I mentioned in passing that we were going to hospital and that he was having a blood test...
of many different problems in a dog that age.  A physical exam, listening to his chest, blood work, and probably...
Obviously, as I'm sure you already know, he needs to see his physician. Family pracitioner, geriatrician, or internist to start. A GI specialist, if no one can figure out the answer. Hydration and managment and monitoring of
Paucis Verbis: Does this adult patient need blood cultures? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Do you order blood cultures for all your ED patients with a fever? Obviously no. What's.... This discussion doesn't address WHETHER we should get blood cultures despite a risk for bacteremia in the setting...

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Treatment ... ur risks of developing a cardiovascular disease in the next ten years is higher than one in five, you will be given medicines, a ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ). If the condition has been present for many years, kidney failure can often be the first symptom to appear. ... » Read on