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Maria F. Menlo Park, California
Maria Fregoso, Registered Dietitian and exercise enthusiast, specializes in nutrition and weight... More
triskellion winnipeg, CA
eileen f. new york, New York
haleysbaby California
im a 15 yr old,i will be 16 in less than  a month.  i am bi-sexual and i currently have... More
I am a stay at home mom of one teen son. Together with my husband for 16 years. My blog is about... More

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you may have ovulated later which would cause a difference in gestational age.  Generally heartbeat isn't detectable until 7-8 weeks...but they should have seen an sac and fetal pole at this point
each coming back NEG - after missing my second period a test confirmed I WAS pregnant - 9 weeks!!! Well I think at this point you are apparently not pregnant.  If your cycle hasn't ended I would suggest...
or is it 2 early, if i am pregnant then i would be 1 week and 6 days. please please could anyone help..., I have been having sex during my fertile week and I am having stomach cramps and feel I'm pregnant. I can't wait...
you should speak to your phycian or gyn to find out why you are bleeding so much and what your chance are naturally
Honestly, from what I have read on the subject there haven't been many studies in how the medicine would affect pregnancy. Your doctor though probably has more access to med studies than I do so you could ask him
It is normal to have some pregnancy related spotting early on.  Things like blood pockets which form when the placenta attaches resolve and result in spotting.  If it becomes red flow accompanied by any kind of pain or cra
the same thing is happening to me but ive had a positive result a week before i had that period like thing it only spotted my pad though and lasted for three days but idk now but u could be pregnant
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
I cannot speculate on that because you haven't provided the information that would help.   All I can say at this point is if you are concerned then a home pregnancy would probably be the most accurate answer.
6 weeks 6 days and still pregnant! by Kami Patient Expert weeks 0 days crown to rump and the heart beat was 130. It was very good news to hear after our little... the days when I could stay out most (if not all) of the night and still go to work the next day...

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When it should be done ... d out as early in the pregnancy as possible (ideally, before 12 weeks), and those performed after 24 weeks are rare. The majorit ... » Read on
Recommendations ... lic acid. You should also take this supplement for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when your baby's spine is developing. ... » Read on