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8 Minute Mile Pace

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90 minutes / 8.2 miles = 10.98 minutes/mile       Pace calculation 1 / 10.98 minutes/mile = 0.0911 miles/minute    Reciprocal gives miles/minute  Faster way to calculate: 8.2 miles/ 90 minutes
Week Six, Day Four: 40 Minute Swim + 1hr 19 Minute Run (8.46 Miles) by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert had by all! I felt great during the entire 8.46 mile run.  It was done in 1:19 which was about a 9:20ish pace.  Oh... I jumped in the car and made the 10 minutes drive home.  Swimming makes me hungry so I slammed a quick pure...
What it feels like to run under a 7-minute-mile by Kevin L. Patient Expert , really good. I never had to "fight" myself to keep my speed below a 7-minute-mile pace. I' d stop at a light... miles keeping a sub 7-minute-mile pace. Tomorrow I plan on doing an easy 5-miler (keep my pace...
P90X Hybrid Day 4: 4.5 Mile Run (pace) by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert . I was planning on running for 45 minutes at about a 9:00/mile pace but realized my legs needed some help... off the back of it ... this worked well because I ended up doing 3 miles in 22:08, about a 7:30ish pace...
Sub-10 minute miles! by Clare Patient Expert myself out of it altogether I am happy! I started out doing my usual 10 m/m pace, but after half a mile or so I wanted to go faster. I kept upping the pace a little, and by the last 2 minutes I was up to an 8 minute pace. Even...
P90X Hybrid Day 38: 40 Minute Run (4 miles) by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert we usually use my Garmin for pacing and stay around 10-10:30 miles/min. I am good with that because it is helping... I have been doing I can maintain about an 8 min/mile pace at this distance. She needs to do around a 10 min/mile...
Crewing and Pacing at the American River 50-Mile by Rock G. Patient Expert who were at the American River 50-mile crewing and pacing for a couple of friends, Kara Teklinski and Dana Katz... and his pacer that we passed a half mile from the finish and he passed us back 2 minutes later. He probably...
10 Minute Miles by Amy T. Patient Expert I don't do them. Since my injury, I have been run/walking at an 11:30 pace... the finish line in 24 days. (Yikes, yes 24 days!!!) At any rate, pre-injury I was averaging a 10:30 mile...
Here’s what my heart rate looks like when trying to run a sub 6-minute-mile by Kevin L. Patient Expert . My max heart rate is about 200 beats per minute. So, for instance, From mile 4.9 to mile 5.0, my pace... from my Garmin and allows me to look at a run after a workout and extrapolate current mile pace, heart rate...
Week 3: 10 Mile Pace Run and Staying in the Zone by Tri to Be Funny Patient Expert of the 10-Mile Pace Run we did two weeks ago on August 7th. Run the first two miles slow, the next six miles at marathon goal pace and drop the hammer for the last two miles. We were NOT allowed to stop our watches...

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Prevention ... t you have completed an adequate warm-up session (at least 5-10 minutes), before taking part in a sports activity. Warming up in ... » Read on
Definition ... is fast walking that uses more energy than running at the same pace. Running and jogging ... » Read on