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Christine Knoxville, Tennessee
I am a stay at home mom to a 4 year old little pickle and am currently pregnant with our second... More
I am a part time working mom of 3 children. Alana my oldest has Autism and Turner Syndrome... More
Zurama .. Rancho Cucamonga, California
I am mom to five wonderfull kids. The youngest, Mickie was diagnosed with Severe Autism, when he... More
sra73 Salt Lake City, Utah
Sam I am. I am 16 years old and live in SLC. After a small summer break from blogging and a BIG... More
texastwinmom lewisville, Texas
I'm Melissa, a former corporate executive who now stays home to raise her beautiful 2 year old... More

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Lance Armstrong blood and urine samples could be subject to new anti-doping test by Tom H. Patient Expert -doping test that detected metabolites of plastic in his urine, a sign he may have received banned blood... grand jury investigation into doping conspiracies on his teams. Armstrong has left blood and urine...
negative pregnancy test. What should I do? Hi there - Brown blood is old blood and in many women totally...
Paucis Verbis: Does this adult patient need blood cultures? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Do you order blood cultures for all your ED patients with a fever? Obviously no. What's.... This discussion doesn't address WHETHER we should get blood cultures despite a risk for bacteremia in the setting...
Painful urination typically makes me think of either a bladder/kidney infection or a sexually transmitted disease/infection.  Bloody urine is consistent with bladder/kidney infections...
Sorry but I'm not sure I understand your line of question.  Urine drug tests can only work on urine samples.  In other words, the equipment used to run a urine drug test won't work on blood.  If you want...
No painful urination, no frequent urination, no back pain.  Doesn't sound like a stone or urinary tract infection.  However, especially in smokers, we worry about painless bloody urine as a sign...
Is your puppy spayed?  Are you sure she is not in heat?   Any other symptoms?  lack of appitite?   listless,  difficulty or straining in urinating?   
Take a urine sample to your vet... Any other symptoms?  Is she eating normally?  as active and happy as ever?   More information please...
Did they do a urine culture and see if any bacteria grew?  Any crystals in urine... so I called the rescue to ask that they check her out and they wanted a urine sample.  It came back high...
Have you called your doctor yet? If you haven't, call the office and speak to a nurse. If you don't have a doctor, then yes, take him to the ER. It could be something along the lines of his/her digestive tract isn't working p

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Prevention ... ge, a normal blood glucose level is between 4 -7 mmol/l before meals, and less than 10 mmol/l two hours after m ... » Read on
Treatment ... tiredness, cold hands and feet, slow heartbeat, and ... » Read on