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.  It is why many women don't realize they are pregnant until about 6-8 weeks. Have you taken a home pregnancy test? ...
It depends on what you mean by 'HUGE'. If you are a size 2 normally then you might feel huge! Have you had an ultra sound? You might be pregnant with twins. If you have had children before you may show sooner...
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
Hi, I am also a little over 5 weeks pregnant.  I found out I was pregnant after my progesterone... to take another blood test to see how my HCG was progressing.  I was worried because I didn't feel that much pregnant...
each coming back NEG - after missing my second period a test confirmed I WAS pregnant - 9 weeks!!! Well I think at this point you are apparently not pregnant.  If your cycle hasn't ended I would suggest...
Roni’s Pregnancy Week 27 – 7 Months and I’m feeling it! by Roni N. Patient Expert Recorded this by the skin of me teeth before little man came home from school. It was close! :) If you are not reading this on Roni's Weigh OR your RSS reader then it has been plagiarized!
, I have been having sex during my fertile week and I am having stomach cramps and feel I'm pregnant. I can't wait... i had sex when i was fertile, i have been getting cramps and i feel pregnant. my period is due tomorrow...
That's definitely not comfortable, and it could be a bad sign for the baby. Call your OB to make an appointment and speak with a nurse (or your OB) about it. There's so much to pregnancy that those cramps really could just be
This is a question for your DR. Look at the information below. Personally I feel that those numbers are too low for 5 weeks but then again this is a question for your OB or RE (Reproductive...
yea if it was only a small drop i wouldnt worry and if ur period come another week late...... especially since you are already feeling the symptoms of it coming. ...

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Problems ... d supplements daily before you become pregnant, until your 12th week of pregnancy. Heart dise ... » Read on
Symptoms ... our hands and soles of your feet. The rash can take between 1-3 weeks to clear and, during this time, it may appear to fade or g ... » Read on