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7 Week Old Using Pacifier

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I am a fun loving-happy mother of two boys aged 15 and 17. Life is good. I just want to lose some... More
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Stories of running for the rest of us Hi, I am Elizabeth. This blog is about running from... More
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My Boy, 5 Weeks Old - Opinions Please by Angie All The Way Patient Expert had two hands free to post a blog either!  Our little man is now five weeks old... into a day time "snacker" but I think it's more likely that he then tries to pacify himself (back to sleep...
A 6-week old kitten doesn't have very substantial claws, so the scratch shouldn't have been very deep.  The licking most likely didn't cause any problem either.  Generally speaking, most people...
.  I find the pharmacists are busy covering their butts and don't recommend ANYTHING until baby is 6 weeks old.  Maybe...
If your dating from your last missed period then the growth would be approx 2 weeks behind... that they ovulated.    So, the first two weeks in the LMP dating is just a regular follicular phase (the cycle...
It may still be early to start your baby on cereal.  Guidelines are to start not before 16 weeks.  Why do you need food to help your baby sleep?  When she is 16 weeks, you can try to start her on rice cereal
Unless your OB has given you instructions not to pick up your 6 month old it should be perfectly fine. Make sure that when you pick up anything that you use your legs and not your back. Bend...
.  You should start seeing some stubs of teeth by the 10-12 week period. Helpful Buckeye ...
Dear buffy64, What you describe can be normal perimenopause - some women skip periods and some (like me) bleed for what seems 3 weeks out of every 4.It even has a name: Dysfunctinal Uterine Bleeding...
Unfortunately, there are so many things that can cause this problem in young animals, it's impossible to say. He could have just become over-stressed by all the activity, or the change in food could have irritated his gut. Or
Good luck. I hope the news is good and she'll soon be on her way to health again. thank you-she is at our vet now. they are running blood tests and doing x-rays. we are waiting for answers. As you can see, the rest of your qu

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