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I am motivated and love fitness.  I also love to eat.  I have been struggling with my... More
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I am a doctor of chiropractic, and since 1979 I have focused on relieving pain and improving how... More
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A Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Thanksgiving Menu by Robert Davis Patient Expert If you're trying to watch what you eat, Thanksgiving feasts can really wreck your diet. These five traditional foods--and recipes--are loaded with healthy nutrients but not calories. Corn...
The 1200 Calorie a Day Menu Cookbook Quick and Easy Recipes for Delicious Low fat Breakfasts Lunches Dinners and Desserts by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional The 1200 Calorie a Day Menu Cookbook Quick and Easy Recipes for Delicious Low fat Breakfasts... delicious, satisfying meals every day without worrying about counting calories or calculating fat grams...
Memorial Day 2008 Low-Carb Diet Dispatch by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional a low-calorie/low-fat diet over the long-term to keep the weight off for good. WRONG! A recent podcast... up with quality low-carb news that it necessitates a rather large low-carb diet dispatch full of some truly...
I agree with the alchemist but as long as you continue this regimen you will lose weight. At some point you will reach your weight goal and then stop. However realistically you may not be able to continue such a hard and dema
My First Experience with a Low Fat Low Carb Diet by Vickie Patient Expert into glucose, so you were not in ketosis. You were simply doing a very low calorie diet. No one wanted... that most often. Although Kimmers’ Boot Camp Menu suggested you stick to only 500 calories per day and consume less than 30 grams...
Sure beats an ultra low calorie diet... by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Interesting article in the Washington Post today about a hormone in mice that can extend life span. -- Although it is years away from human testing, prior to this, the only way to extend life span was to severely restrict ca
Low-carb diet beats low fat for weight loss in insulin-resistant women by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor diet than on a traditional low-fat diet with the same number of calories, according to a new study... in the other group weighed 223 pounds. The composition of the low-fat diet was 60 percent of calories from carbs...
12-Day Countdown to 2012 – Day 3: Set Your Intentions for Food and Diet by Tera W. Patient Expert your diet back to the basics for a little while. If you’ve not yet had the chance to try our 21-Day Green... every morning to start my day off with health. i intend to make small lifestyle changes to my diet instead...
Together with a low calorie diet... by Shelley .. Patient Expert Together with a low calorie diet and daily physical exercise, Metabocel weight control tablets..., which is a soluble fiber, regulates cholesterol level. It also provides additional bulk in the diet, which helps...
You Ask, I Answer: Low Calorie Diets by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional , NY Low calorie diets (those going below the minimum daily recommended intake of 1,200... weight? Are 800 calorie diets really that bad? I was told that if you eat below 600 calories...

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