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Kelly E. Arlington, Massachusetts
kierra auburndale, Florida
well my name is kiwi i play sports thats all
Heather C. Aliso Viejo, California
I am mom to a two year old son who is allergic to Soy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat and Dairy. I also run... More
jamilla r. East Palo Alto, California
brandyentrekin California
I am 27 years old. Live in Cullman, AL with my husband of 5 years. No childern. 1 dog(Roscoe) 1... More

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Middle-Aged and Older Adults Need Anaerobic Exercise by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional at the same intense exercise levels of 20 or 30 year olds, but they can certainly do high-intensity anaerobic exercise... Traditional lower-intensity aerobic exercise on treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, etc. are good...
should be able to help with this. And one thing you might try right away is aerobic exercise, which can raise HDL. Even if you end up on medication, exercise is a great idea. Ditto on the iodine for thyroid...
. She also had about three years of occupational therapy for hypotonia and now she's a strapped 5'2" Amazon child at 10...
Why do you think you need creatine? Creatine is usually for people doing weight training or particpating in sports or events that require bursts of effort. If you are considering taking it, be sure
if you are starting some weight lifting, balance exercises and aerobic workouts. Check your alcohol consumption... loss but feeling comfortable in a permanent new eating behavior. The same way a 20 year old woman loses...
I went to the doctor with hand pain. Now they tell me I may need neck surgery. I'm only 30 years old. How did this happen ? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty over the past 15 years. It is truly amazing the level of spinal degeneration and decay some patients..., what we think, how much we exercise, the amount of physical, mental, and chemical stresses we absorb...
Burning it up - Aerobic and Cardiovascular Exercise by Beth F. Patient Expert What is aerobic exercise? In a nutshell, aerobic exercise is the type of sustained activity where you engage the large muscles of your body (legs and gluts) for a prolonged period of time. Aerobic exercise...
No Time? Exercise Like A Two Year Old by Len S. Patient Expert for the telecommuting crowd. When my friend heard this story, she laughed, saying, “That’s how two-year-olds... to participate in two minutes of exercise to the music of Salt-N-Peppa: 9 am – Stretches 10 am – Sit-ups...
Parkinson's Disease and Intense Exercise: Neil Sligar's 10-Year Experience by Kate K. Patient Expert and Intense Exercise: My 10-Year Experience By Neil Sligar, Copyright © 2010 My Parkinson’s disease... during the past few years. Some recent research findings on exercise and PD Dr Beth Fisher and Dr Jeanine...
Too Old to Exercise? Never by Dr. Judith Wurtman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven exercise regimen the mostly 70 year-old volunteers underwent was rigorous. They had three weekly 90-minute... team whose ages are similar to theirs. The 93 year-old was quoted as being insulted when asked...

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Prevention ... chemical serotonin, which boosts your mood. A simple program of aerobic improves depression in some people, even when medication ... » Read on
Treatment ... to deal with it can help. CFS tends to last for months, if not years, but most people do recover, or adjust their lifestyle to ... » Read on