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JessicaG1999 Glenview, Illinois
lately i am currently in a relationship /w my 50 year old Capricorn Widow Boyfriend who also is... More
cheekykiki78 Hiawatha, Iowa
Mara US
Hi everyone: My name is Mara and I am 41 years old and last year in May 2008 I decided to make a... More
karenmcole California
I am a almost 41 year old mother of 2 - ages 19 and 17. I've lived with chronic diarrhea now for... More
Rosalie L. Fishers, Indiana
Certified Life Coach Rosalie Lynch lives in the fabulous mid-west where kids, ethics and parenting... More

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you. Helpful Buckeye  t5hank you for the info. tink had a bad fall and almost died when she was 6 months old... The information about the fall changes things, but I still wouldn't overlook making the behavioral...
Growing Hair on My Face and Losing Hair on My Head [How Do You Solve Your Hair Problems?] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert . And speaking of traits deemed “unfeminine” or “gross’, the issue of female pattern hair loss seems to fall... and yet is hardly ever talked about. Female facial hair is still seen as unattractive at best and unfeminine or...
Female Hair Loss Treatment by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert strands a day). Each hair grows for a period of 2-6 years, goes through a short dormant period and then falls out as the follicle pushes through a new hair. When new hairs do not replace the old or when hair...
Cause of Hair Loss in Teens and Adults by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert There are many causes of hair loss. Both men and women can obtain... of it is called adrogenetic alopecia. It is the medical term for hair loss or baldness. Adrogenetic refers...
you with up to date nutrition advise, and help you transition to a vegan lifestyle safely. Welcome to the Veg family, any age is the best age to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.  As a vegan, reading labels...
Hello Geri,   I would need some specific information about your situation before I could offer any suggestions? Perhaps you could explain more why you believe you have not been having any active sex life. What has changed
Anything that will keep her hands active will be useful as a substitute.  This is the time when creativity becomes your most valuable asset.  Try folding laundry, especially small items like wash cloths still warm from the dr
Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her hips and knees. Here are the ones I do. Her team should have access to a sports doctor who can check her out and suggest further treatment.  
What you are describing is most likely an enlarged lymph node. There are various things that can cause this. You need to make an appointment with a physician or surgeon who can obtain a complete history and physical exam from
Not sure what your question is, especially in this chronic pain community.  Bones are predominantly made of calcium so there should be no surprise that your ribs (which are bones) are calcified.  I'd be more concerned if they

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Treatment ... formation. In 60-80% of cases the hair grows back after about a year without any treatment. » Read on
Causes ... r follicles (the root of the hair). Each hair grows for about 3 years then it drops out and a new one grows - we lose 40-120 hai ... » Read on