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4d Ultrasound

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I thought I was healthy but then got slammed with chronic hives that plagued me daily for over 2... More
Dr. Guttler has been a Thyroid Expert for 35 years, board certified in endocrinology, Clinical... More
McKesson M. Alpharetta, Georgia
McKesson provides your hospital with Horizon Medical Imaging™ picture archiving and... More
LadyDiana65 California
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robs723 Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school... More

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To Ultrasound or Not to Ultrasound: Reasons Vs. Risks by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert when the first ultrasound is usually recommended. She is choosing a home birth, but comes from a medical family who would like her to have an ultrasound.  She has medical insurance, but it does not cover any pregnancy related expenses...
8 Week UltraSound by MTHFR and Me Patient Expert I had our 8 week ultrasound yesterday and everything went GREAT!! We are having another ultra sound... move on the ultrasound. It was AWESOME!!!! God is an AWESOME God!! Thank you for all the prayers...
Autism and Prenatal Ultrasound (more) by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy I blogged earlier about Caroline Rodgers’s idea that prenatal ultrasound may cause autism... care [and] autism. A study published in November on prenatal ultrasound trends from 1995-2006...
What is Thyroid Cancer Ultrasound Lymph Node Mapping, and why do I need to have one BEFORE my Cancer Surgery? by Dr. Richard Guttler Medical Doctor . The WBS was poor at detecting recurrence. The addition of the newer high frequency ultrasound was better at finding recurrences, than the WBS. With Cancer markers and Ultrasound we can find the cancer...
Right now I wouldn't worry about it as long as you aren't experiencing any pain or bright red blood...   It does sound like from what you say the doc said that you probably had longer follicular phase (first half of the w
Well.. if the first day of your last period was 12 December and you had unprotected sex 15Dec then it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. Did you doctor do a p4 draw (to check your progesterone levels)? It sounds as
i too have the same problem. Today i had ultrasound and the doc said i showing 6 weeks instead of 8 weeks. they told me to come for ultrasound next week to check for the growth. I 'am really worried...
An experienced doctor probably could, but I wouldn't count on it just yet. Doctors can read those wrong at 22 weeks.
you should see a sac with a fetal pole... its a bit too early for a heartbeat (generally speaking heartbeat is found by the 8th week) but as long as you see those two things everything should be good :)
, said I had implantation bleeding, but negative blood test. They gave me an ultrasound: the image was like a blizzard...

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Diagnosis ... psy. You might need to have a scan such as an ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or CT (computerized ... » Read on
Prevention ... anial Doppler scan. This involves using a machine that produces ultrasound waves to measure the flow of blood through the brain. ... » Read on