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Lance Wales, Wisconsin
Traveling through the jungle we call life, one step at a time.
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I am living in my birthplace after 45 years of living elsewhere.  I have become... More
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Full medical technology available today use a healthier skin color get when used regularly by... More
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the person above me may be confusing you. after you have sex, about 2 weeks.... if its two weeks after you had sex, doctors will technically say you are 4 weeks along. because of ovulation...
27 weeks pregnant and hoping by Genevieve .. Patient Expert of medicine allowed. I’m adding a new pill. We can schedule a c-section next week.” What? Was I hearing him right? I was only 27 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t have the baby so early. I must have been shaking...
My last pregnancy started as following: had implantation bleeding. Then started to have signs.... The doc said I was full of gases (!!!!). Signs persisted, then decided to take another home urine test...
With the timing of pregnancy the first two weeks are really just the normal cycle... marked by any specific set of circumstances. If you are asking about the first week after ovulation...
"  & see what you come up with.  37.5 weeks is pretty early. Most 1st time moms go into labor on average at 41 weeks & 3 days. Most 2nd time moms go into labor sometime in their 40th week. Have patience...
to talk to your doctor about as there are options you have before labor...
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
That's definitely not comfortable, and it could be a bad sign for the baby. Call your OB to make an appointment and speak with a nurse (or your OB) about it. There's so much to pregnancy that those cramps...
40 Weeks Pregnant by Andrea L. Patient Expert Things that you can no longer do when you are 40 weeks pregnant: *Tie your shoes *Shave... as soon as something happens, ohmygoshpleasedon'taskthatagain!) Things that you suprisingly CAN do when you are 40 weeks...
40 weeks and 6 days and still pregnant! by Kami Patient Expert room (he supported my sister waiting and she went into labor at over 42 weeks), I am going to feel... Ha! It is funny how I was so much more excited to still be pregnant in the early days...

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Why it should be done ... scans : the first between weeks 10-14, to check the baby's due date, and ... » Read on
Antenatal care ... should take place early in your pregnancy - within the first 12 weeks. Your doctor will ask you about your health and discuss an ... » Read on