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My name is Maureen. I'm a 22 year old college student, who, upon making a firm life-change... More
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.  The ultra sound was done in the first week of light spotting. A heartbeat was detected. 110bpm.  baby... of fearing the worst :( i'm about 7-8 weeks had an ultrasound last week 7/21/10 and they seen baby...
Weekly Winners- the week my baby turned THREE! by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook You can find more Weekly Winners at . Weekly Winners- the week my baby turned THREE!
At 23 weeks pregnant your baby is more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango).  Your baby is now starting to look like a baby.
have you had a bleed since your baby was born? Well I breast fed for two weeks then stopped, Dont really know if I ovulated or not. it really depends on if you are breast feeding and if you have ovulated.
.  I find the pharmacists are busy covering their butts and don't recommend ANYTHING until baby is 6 weeks old.  Maybe...It'snot normal for anyone any age to go for 7 days without "doing" - especially not babies...
weeks (ovulation occuring Cycle day 14) He didn't seem to be that concerned but wants to come back next week for another us.  he did the sac and said that it looked healthy. should i be concerned...
Have you tried laying on your left side for a bit? That might encourage the baby to shift position and give you some relief
It may still be early to start your baby on cereal.  Guidelines are to start not before 16 weeks.  Why do you need food to help your baby sleep?  When she is 16 weeks, you can try to start her on rice cereal
If your dating from your last missed period then the growth would be approx 2 weeks behind... that they ovulated.    So, the first two weeks in the LMP dating is just a regular follicular phase (the cycle...
I would immediately call the OB/GYN or your family physican and see what they want to do as far as medications and pregnancy are concerned. It may be early enough that the effect won't be an issue (an embryo is sustained b

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Treatment ... a regular basis, as symptoms can get worse within the first 6-8 weeks. If your baby has a moderate case of rhe ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... al cataracts as early as possible, ideally during the first few weeks after a baby is born, to help reduce sight loss. ... » Read on