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then I would go with 12-14 days from when you had unprotected sex last.  That and I would suggest charting to you.  It is an easy way to keep track of your cycles and not only to see...
hey, im at about 4 weeks pregnant and ivw had got a light bleeding but only when i wipe..., I had my period may 11th, my partner and i had sex on may 30th. It is now june 4th and i have a little brown...
.     Am unmarried but had sex wit my love now m not in periods dnt knw what to do but i want to get periods... of unprotected sex you can get "Plan B" (available without perscription, but often from the pharmacist...
I have heard of women getting a rash during pregnancy....and it goes away once the baby is born... your mind asking your OB then I would go ahead and do so :)   Hope your pregnancy is both happy...
hormone is progesterone which also is the dominant hormone in early pregnancy.  The symptoms are the same in the two weeks following ovulation.    A couple with perfect intercourse timing and no known health...
Pregnancy Causes Sex!!! by Dr. Gray Doctor of Chiropracty Yes. Announced recently by Trojan Research are new findings that, in fact, pregnancy causes sex... that, “Yes… by gosh, I have recently had sex!” The researchers have determined that with this new information...
If this intercourse was three weeks ago and you were fertile at the time then a pregnancy test would be accurate (esp those that can be taken up to five days prior to a missed period) by this point   White...
That's a lie.  Well, actually it depends.  If it was the first time you got the shot, then the shot isn't effective until a MONTH after you get it.  If it's a subsequent shot after than, then it is effective immediately. I d
yea if it was only a small drop i wouldnt worry and if ur period come another week late then i would take a pregnancy test it depends on how many days of your cycle you bleed.  It also depends...
have you had a bleed since your baby was born? Well I breast fed for two weeks then stopped, Dont really know if I ovulated or not. it really depends on if you are breast feeding and if you have ovulated.

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