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your period wouldn't be late from that particular encounter.  You'd have to look for previous acts to see if you could be pregnant. The easiest way to know is to take a test.
If you are already late then you can take the test at any time of the day and the result will be accurate. Usually the most concentrated urine is the first of the morning because of sleeping...
would there be any situation early in this cycle that would have delayed ovulation?  Such as stress, illness, antibiotics- basically anything that makes the body work harder. Have you taken a pregnancy test? that would b
how did you determine what your ovulation date was (meaning what method: charting, OPK's, monitor, ferning, etc)?
Do you know when you ovulated?
The illesses so close together do put added stress on your body.. so that could very well have delayed your ovulation...   These issues in the beginning of a cycle tend to cause either delayed ovulation  Yes I have been
I suggest that you take a first response pregnancy test and see what it says...if you are still having symptoms you might want to make an appointment with your OB. Good Luck Sharon LaMothe
no it isn't very likely more likely than not you either had a delayed ovulation this past cycle or you didn't ovulate at all  
That is taking entirely too long to end a cycle that (from what you told me) sounds like its annovulatory.   I would request the blood beta test ASAP to check for a possible pregnancy and to check what your progesterone l
.   If you are late then go ahead and test.  Then move on from there depending on the result ...

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