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Week Four, Day One: 40 min Run + 40 min Swim 30 min Trainer by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Today is the start of the 4th week of my 1/2 IM Training program.  I was supposed to do a 40 minute swim and a 40 minute run.  Last night when I went to sleep with a bag of ice on my left knee I knew the run was not going to
Free 8 Min Ab Workout -How to get a flat stomach after pregnancy&beyond with Lindsay Brin! #moms #fitness by Patty .. Patient Expert I just came across this great workout for moms and gave it a try. It's a quick workout but packs a punch. I think if done daily you will most likely see results. I hope to get my mid...
Shin splints are one of the most common injuries. Another name for shin splints is too much, too soon. Cut your running back to 1 minute. Be sure you don't overstride. Your foot should hit the ground when your foot is under y
Week One, Day 3: 30min Run + 30min Swim by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert scoops of Whey Protein (48G) and Recoverite after each workout. Recoverite also has 3G of glutamine... focused on balance and swimming on your side and I felt like they really helped! My workout after doing...
Week Two, Day Two: 45 min cycle + 30 min run by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert : Sunday is usually a long bike day, Monday starts of with a run workout and finished with a swim workout... I got on my trainer and watched FoxNews. My workout called for 1 hour but due to an early work start and me losing...
Week Four, Day Two: 40 min Run + 40 min Swim by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Good day today! My knees are feeling much better.  Still some soreness but not pain.  This is a much more manageable scenario! This morning I did a 4.30 mile run in 40 minutes.  I tried to keep it nice and easy in the RPE
Week Four, Day Three: 40 min Swim + 30 min Run + Triathlete Observations by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert me about my workouts (it is her job to do this, I should respect the sales attempt).  I didn't hear a single word... I was doing P90X and to check my blog each day.  This made me not miss workouts and not make excuses.  Well...
Week Two, Day One: 40min Swim + 40min Run by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert . I did some light stretching and started off at about a 10min/mile pace. At this point my legs were feeling... in 40 minutes. That is an 8:33 min/mile pace and more importantly my legs felt great...
Week One, Day Six: Rest Day 30min Swim + 30min Trainer by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert and then repeated. Good workout. Good day of training. My plan is to stay on the trainer for the next two months...
such that you could talk with a running partner. You want to feel great during and after the workout. Walk/run heavy/light.... The next day, you reduce the distance and maybe the pace such that the workout puts a lighter stress...

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