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CarlShelton California
This is to say nothing of what the very act of removing what could amount to several kilograms of... More
Dorina San Francisco, California
Ericlee is a physical education teacher, basketball and track coach at Fresno Christian Schools.... More
Joe F. MANCHESTER, New Hampshire
I have been a massage therapist for 15 years. I am married with 3 children in college and two... More
Just Audrey anonymous, Minnesota
I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, college student, hopeless romantic, and proud Catholic. I'm... More
Alanna08 miami, Florida
24 yrs old, love dance and fitness... very much into eating red smoking...I... More

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could be the result of this stress-related behavior.  Sometimes as dogs get older and/or if something changes... more often. In both of these cases the pattern will be random compared to urinating for behavioral/marking reasons. I am no aware...
on that!  Just so you know; my husband & I went through our own problems with my step kids (we have our own kids too) and we are now going on 15 years of marriage and it DOES GET BETTER! I know it doesn't...
Many Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers Have Chronic Health Problems, Unhealthy Behaviors by Survivors of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers have worse health and unhealthier behaviors than people without a history of cancer, a new analysis shows. These survivors smoke more and exercise less...
My 13 year old girl sent a provocative picture of herself to a 15 yr old boy! by Karen .. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven A mother writes: My 13 year old girl sent a provocative picture of herself to a 15 yr old boy... of judgment, punishment, or shame, which will only drive her behavior underground. Some folks...
The information about the fall changes things, but I still wouldn't overlook making the behavioral and bond changes even if a brain problem is diagnosed and she's put on medication. In humans, studies...
our 16 year old's behavior anymore.  Teenagers will inevitably experiment.  They have to -- they need... it "my concerns" rather than "his problem."  This tells me you are already aware...
Hello Geri,   I would need some specific information about your situation before I could offer any suggestions? Perhaps you could explain more why you believe you have not been having any active sex life. What has changed
One possibility is a yeast infection but ear problems are tough to diagnose without actually seeing them.  Yeast problems in dogs are like those in humans, more often the result of changes in immune response or...
Behavior Problems & Discipline: What parents and teachers need to know by Real IN Moms .. Patient Expert by Sue Whitney and Pam Wright "Our 11 year old son has autism. His mental functioning... behavior at school increased. He says the aide hurts him. We discussed these problems with the IEP team...
How can I deal with a strong personality, stubborn, I’m-in-charge four years old? by Laura Patient Expert things on the floor, wants to beat me, etc. Of course this is not her normal behavior... her territory. This same situation happens from time to time in daycare. My son had this type of behavior...

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