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Correction: Irregular cycles...not irregular periods the problem with irregular periods is pin pointing when ovulation happens.  A woman is only fertile about 5 days of her cycle (three days prior...
you probably are not pregnant but probably having an annovulatory cycle (which is normal to have every once in a while).   If you want to wait it out then thats up to you.     Otherwise you can request...
if the test is coming up negative after two months then I'd trust the test. You could ask your physican for provera/progesterone to start a new cycle
sex with my boyfriend. I have missed my period this month but have no signs of pregnacy. I have been really stressed lately could this be the casue of my missed period OR am i pregnant? Please help me. ahh fantastic...
if you are consistantly getting negative pregnancy tests then the best bet would be to go to your primary care physian  
You can get pregnant any day of the month, including even while you are on your period. Also, no birth control pills are 100% effective, and the chances they will fail to stop pregnancy...
considerably i doubt that i'm pregnant as well just because i last had intercourse about a month ago...well i having the same kind of problem. i was late starting my period in February so i didnt start...
you count from the first day of full red flow- that is cycle day 1 (abbreviated CD1). The last day of your cycle is the day before your next CD1...   If you are trying then I would strongly suggest that you decide which
you could very well be pregnant but its hard to know as the time from ovulation and when a period is due to begin both have many of the same symptoms because of the flux of progesterone. You could take an early

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Symptoms ... n during pregnancy, particularly during the first three to four months. Tiredness may be more pronounced during the first and th ... » Read on
How it works ... The patch releases female sex hormones You stick the contraceptiv ... » Read on