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Andrew I. Caster, M.D. has performed over fourteen thousand procedures to correct nearsightedness,... More

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Eyes do change as we age. You just might need a new prescription or a different brand of contacts.  Personally I have tried several brands and some work better - maybe it's my eyes or maybe it's the contacts :-) Lynn PS I
Study says nearsightedness on the rise by Kiwi Patient Expert For both kids and adults in the U.S., nearsightedness is increasing. A new survey... of nearsightedness has increased, too, with moderate and severe cases both more than doubling. What’s changed...
Improved vision by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Four years ago my eye doctor said I would need bifocals. I've been nearsighted since 4th grade so wearing glasses and contacts was an everyday thing for me. But bi-focals...I wasn't ready for that. Finally I didn't have a ch
Turkey Day Thursday Thirteen by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven 1)  Even though I can be completely short-sighted, I have so much to be thankful for.  I'm grateful for my family; Husband, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, nieces... Darren's family too.  2)
Avoiding Myopia by Matt M. Patient Expert One other consequence of a poor diet could be myopia (nearsightedness).  A couple of years ago... levels and affects the shape of the eyeball as it develops, causing nearsightedness. Given...
Getting out and going easy on the carbs seems to help kids avoid the need for glasses by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor Short-sightedness (the medical term for which is ‘myopia’) is a common condition in industrialised countries. This condition probably has many potential underlying causes. Some of these were reviewed in a recent paper publish
My eyes - They are wonky. by Experimental Chimp .. Patient Expert So I went to the optician today and it turns out that yes, I do need glasses. I’ve not gone short-sighted, though. Which, really, you’d think would be the obvious thing for my eyes to do given that I spend much of my time
Blinded by my myopia by Girl Blue .. Patient Expert Sometimes I get caught up in the small things, the very small details and I lose sight of the big picture. I need to work on that I think
Re-News-Ables - 4/11/08 by Carbon Fund Patient Expert This year may actually be colder than last year. Utter myopia sets in as climate analysts and the media begin noting that tomorrow may actually be colder than today. California's "Solar Shade Act" has neighbors in cou
EyePhone for iPhone by Dr. Ivor K. Medical Doctor EyePhone is the new application for iPhone which might prove useful to an ophthalmologist in the field to quickly assess a persons vision. It includes several ophthalmic tests such as Ishihara, near vision acuity, amsler gri

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Introduction Myopia (short-sightedness) is a vision defect resulting from the eye being too long from front to back, or from the corn ... » Read on
Why it is necessary The standard hearing and vision tests are carried out so that any problems can be detected as ear ... » Read on