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Health Maven's Answer
By Dr. Victor Zeines (DDS, of A white tongue is indicative of... more
Mar 02 2009 6:04am
By Dr. Edward Group (DC, ND, DABCN) of more
Feb 23 2009 11:18am
Dear Ember, You need to have this finished before you run into problems. Root canals... more
Jan 13 2009 8:01am
There are over a dozen natural, home remedies that work really well for poison ivy or... more
Dec 09 2008 10:18am
Generally,  herbal formulas work well with homeopathic medicines when when the herbs... more
Dec 08 2008 11:29am
The following 'What is Acupuncture?' explanation may help you understand how it works:... more
Dec 01 2008 5:07am