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I believe that diet & lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our health & I strive to keep my whole family healthy. In October 2009, I made the decision to stop eating meat, my family did not. Join me as I create new meal ideas and makeover old ones to accommodate both me & my little... Full Bio
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Impromptu Cookout

Can you even believe its August already?! We've done very little summer fun things it seems and its almost over. Sunday was the first pool day...

Caprese Breakfast Toasts

'Why sometimes I have believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast' ~Alice in Wonderland SO, let's catch up a bit. I've been MIA for...

Easy Summer Cookout Sides, Part 2

This one is easy & amazingly good! I give you- Corn Zucchini Sauté 5 C. corn _frozen or fresh 3. c. zucchini shredded,...

Easy Summer Cookout Sides, Part 1

This first recipe I have for you is a classic cookout side. Everyone loves it & I'm not sure you're even allowed to have a cookout without it. I...

Safer Sunscreens list 2014

Summer is here! And that means lots of fun in the sun. I personally don't wear sunscreen & hope for the best honestly. Being Italian & American...

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