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White Sore On Vagina

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Julia F. NYC, New York
My name is Julia. I'm doing Weight Watchers and changing my way of eating for the better. I avoid... More

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Alberta, You are most likely describing a sebaceous cyst.  These can be found anywhere on the body but seem to favor the area along the back.  If you're lucky, this may respond favorably to repeated warm compresses.  If the
Dear debz, This is not a menopausal symptom per se, so the best bet to figure out if you have an allergy or an infection or other skin condition is to see your gynecologist to determine what this is and appropriate treatmen
There are many reasons for developing sores inside one's mouth, both viral & bacterial... sores or fever blisters.  These are typically due to herpes simplex virus.  Supportive care is the usual...
infection of hair follicles.  If you have (had) a sexual partner and you're describing sore spots on the mucous membranes inside your vagina, then we need to worry about sexually transmitted diseases...
to know what the white bump is. My suggestion to you would be to start with your general or family doctor...
It was the 27th of August. I had intercourse on the 9th,10th, and 11th. My breast are still tender on the sides and around the nipple area; They feel mushy not firm like usual; and my lower ab near hair line area is tender as
cheesy-like clumps of expended lymph and white blood cells and toxic materials they filter...
Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine , eczema and others can lead to dryness, crusting, irritation, sores and uncomfortable embarrassment... or Inflammation Your scalp can become irritated and actually feel sore and painful...
itching by Donna Peach Patient Expert Yesterday I started itching. Itching everywhere. No rash or other symptoms except uncomfortable itching all over–my scalp, my back, my arms, legs, hands, feet. I thought it had gone away today as I spent most of the da
it says negative n i hav a white discharge.this is the thats happening to me... plz help...   i need some advice, am 4 days late on my period. have be suffering from white discharge. haven't had unprotected or...

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