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Natural Alternatives To Atenolol

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mslea Hollywood, Maryland
We are a holistic natural healthcare facility specializing in alternative approaches to... More
Dianne M. Davenport, Iowa
trevnmand2inlove london, UK
Jack S. Rochester, Illinois
kwgm Denver, Colorado
I make my home near Denver, Colorado, and live with my 23 year old son. I am trained as a... More

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Natural Woman Progesterone Cream By Products of Nature. Technologically Advanced Natural Alternative to Hormone Replacement Ther by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional . Made with all natural ingredients. - A safe alternative to the estrogen replacement therapies many woman are currently... All Natural Ingredients and Technologically Advanced, Light, greaseless, moisturizing formula, Free of Colors...
NuNaturals Stevia Leading The Charge For Natural Sugar Alternatives by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional NuNaturals is a company on the cutting edge with NuStevia™ Last month I blogged about how Coca-Cola is pursuing putting the all-natural plant-based Stevia in their diet sodas as a healthier...
Natural Woman Progesterone Cream Measured Dosage Pump. Technologically Advanced Natural Alternative to Hormone Replacement Thera by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional All Natural Ingredients and Technologically Advanced, Light, greaseless, moisturizing formula, Free of Colors and Fragrance, Aloe Vera Base and Hypoallergenic 7mg per pump of Natural progesterone, Size 3.5oz Pump...
For those in the US, there are no natural alternative products to treat/prevent benign prostate....   Whew.  But that doesn't address your request for alternative products.  Saw palmetto...
and senna. Senna is an herb that has a mild stimulative effect (it's a laxative, but natural... for the rest of your life. Coffee is another natural stimulant to the bowels. The product I think works...
Hi dmwilliams, Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective natural remedies for toenail fungus. My sister used to heat the vinegar until it is lukewarm, place it in a basin, and soak her feet...
Bioidentical thyroid preps are out there.. Amrour Thyroid is one... derived from porcine sources.  Compounding pharmacies can make a T4/T3 prep from bioidentical hormones (bHRT).  For more read my stuff on the Internet about
Herbal and Natural Remedies for Complementary & Alternative Medicine by Better Health , these are just some of the common herbal and natural treatments and remedies for Complementary & Alternative Medicine... Here is a list of some of the common herbal and natural treatments and remedies for Complementary...
Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine, 2nd Edition Reviews (Updated and Expanded): Integrating the Best of Natural Therapies by Braxton P. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine of complementary and alternative medicine and when it's appropriate to use natural remedies in place of or... Find More Alternative Medicine Books Products ...
An Alternative, Natural Treatment for Sinus Problems - Mangosteen by MJT Patient Expert that you can turn to natural, alternative options for treatment. This is great news... pharmacy is no fun, so why not consider a natural alternative like mangosteen for sinus problems...

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Introduction to Organic & Sustainable

Organic food is becoming more and more popular, as people look for ways to live a healthier, pesticide-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable lifestyle.

When the organic food movement began, organic farms were relatively small operations, and their products were available mostly in local markets. Since the early 1990's, the interest in organic food has grown at a rate of 20% per year. Today, organic food is available in most markets and grocery stores, and makes up about 3% of food sales in the U.S.

What does "Organic" mean?

The production standards for organic certification for crops require that the farmers use no pesticides, artificial fertilizer, human or other waste, and that they are not processed using ionizing radiation or other additives. Animals grown for food must be reared without the routine use of growth hormone or antibiotics. Neither plants nor animals can be genetically modified.

Why should I buy organic foods?

While this is ultimately a personal decision, here are some reasons why people choose organic foods: