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My Periods Hurt

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. I have cramps in my back now and when i wipe myself there is light pink. I think my period is about to start... when you ovulated? My last period was 8-25-2009. I am now 2 days late. My menstrual starts every 28 days, like clock...
Will the truth hurt? by Jason Schwartz, LMSW Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven about addiction: For a brief period of my life, I consumed far more opioids than the most hardened heroin... after the substance use has stopped. Once someone is addicted, they will, even during periods of non-use, think...
I can't really answer with specifics but can ask some questions like do you exercise regularly? do yoga?  Bodies need both - and if you've been sitting a lot - much of you needs to be stretched.  I take a supplement that h
Thanks ! It's always helpful to know exactly what you've been prescribed.  Without detailed knowledge, we can only hazzard a guess.  Therefore, I suspect that she gave you Provera for a few days in an attempt to bring abo
Is there any over the counter antidepressants that I can take without prescription? Probably not. It depends on the regulations in your country, but few allow sales over the counter (OTC). Nor are they necessarily the best
Pain in any part of the body is a warning sign something is going on. The best thing you can do now is be seen by your physician. Some home remedies is to try and apply some heat to relax the muscles. Often our muscles tight
Does your bum hurt while sitting at your comp and other useless stuff. by Neo-Conduit Patient Expert Firstly I will share a helpful/useless to some hint. I stopped being able to sit for long periods at a P.C. So I purchased a Lap Top (which has many issues). Sitting on the couch with it on knees gets kinda...
A partial list of chest pain in the “Post-Infarction” period by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor We know prompt reperfusion of infarct related artery( IRA) by any means  constitute the specific management of  STEMI .However, It needs  to be emphasized ,  treatment process of STEMI  is not over after  primary  PCI or th
. I had always had normal periods. They always lasted three days. Very little spotting before period started and I always knew what day it would come. Well after the surgery I had two months of normal periods. THEN the cramps...
that day or soon after- another reason why sex on the first day of a period is highly improbable... you could be pregnant and had conceived on day 6....  Also, depending on if your period was actually a period or not...