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My Both Arms Hurts

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hurt sumter, South Carolina
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My name is Daphne, and a health blogger. I run my website, workin on tips! Please note: I may not... More
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They both hurt when you try to "do what?"  Since it appears that you can still move both your arms, it's highly unlikely that you dislocated both at the same time.  The shoulder joint that holds your arm...
It's been several days since you made your post. If your arm is still sore, go see a doctor. Minor stresses, bruses, etc. usually only last a few days.
- these nerves innervate your arms, hands, upper back and neck. If pressure is put on a nerve...
It sounds like you could be on your way to developing a cold.  The common symptoms of a cold are sore throat, congestion in the nose and sinuses and a runny nose and sneezing.  Hoarseness and cough can also ouccur.  High feve
Your Arm Hurts? Thank Your Little League, AAU, and Fall Ball Coaches. by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional in Pamplona, Spain might argue with me, but that’s a blog for another day), athletes get hurtArm injuries... was very clear: throw too much – especially at a young age – and you’re going to wind up hurt...
My arm hurts worse than my pride by Girl Blue .. Patient Expert One minute I'm standing in my boss's office and the next minute I'm hitting the floor..hard, all 5'7 of me, plus the four extra inches I have on my feet. Reason unknown, it wasn't a blackout it was just a me hitting the fl
I Don’t Have Neck Pain, But My Arm And Hand Go To Sleep All The Time! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook ** Whether you have an arm that’s always falling asleep or a wrist that hurts, keeping the neck in its best position... You can often get symptoms from a neck problem that present themselves in the hands and arms...
If you're having pain when you move it's probably not your heart. There are many ligaments and tendons that run across your chest. There's also something called costochondritis which is the inflammation of the ligaments betwe
Johns Hopkins Performs Double Arm Transplant Little Over A Month Ago and Has Movement in One Arm So Far by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is great as he lost all four limbs and served the country and was hurt in Iraq.  It was just done a little over a month ago and he already has some movement with the one arm.  Poor guy doesn’t have legs...
Hurts So Good by Keri K. Patient ExpertHealth Maven My back aches, my arms are sore, my neck is tight. I feel great. Yesterday, Steve... arms. "It won't rain till this afternoon," we reassured each other, even as we gave a collective...