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Cat Dark Urine

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Strapples Palatine, Illinois
I was born on August 8th 1991. Two or more weeks premature. I spent the first three and a half... More
jam1282 California
I've been piecing it together on my own since late last summer, when I learned three things:... More
mmp California
I am a wife, sister, cousin, Auntie, a cat lover, an Art lover, a music lover, a book lover and a... More
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cat US

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I went to the Mayo Clinic's website. Here is what they say about dark brown or tea-colored urine..., and the rare hereditary disease tyrosinemia can turn urine dark brown. So can acute glomerulonephritis...
Getting Rid of the Smell of Cat Pee by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine by dealing with the first thing that a cat owner really wants to know when he or she finds cat urine outside of the litter... necessity. Cats are attracted to the smell and are much more likely to continue urinating or spraying...
To my knowledge, the Clostridium organism that causes tetanus is not found in cat urine. Helpful Buckeye
Dr. Jeannie is right about moving a cats habitat. However your cat could have a bladder problem that could possible lead to a urinary tract infection. There are that are safe for the cat. Cats are great creatures
generally are associated with a dark, waxy build-up in the ear canal.  The irritation they cause can lead to pain and discomfort for your cat, which then leads to scratching at the ear or shaking the ear...
to them. Why is the grandmother allowing the cats to urinate everywhere? Is she possibly senile? Best Answer - Chosen by Voters... Toxoplasmosis. However, cat urine odor contains harmful elements like ammonia, aminess, mercaptans...
Cat Urine With Your Wine Madam? by Nick B. Patient Expert that the researchers detected a whiff of eau de cat pee…might enough to turn you off the white stuff for good... it seems to be take rather tongue in cheek as Coopers Creek vineyard is calling their sauvignon blanc “Cat’s Pee On A Gooseberry...
My Father's beloved chair and cat urine by Susan .. Patient Expert who will tell me this is why dogs rule over cats. For the record, I would have a dog, but since I have been 22 I have lived in apartments which did not allow dogs. Thus, Susan the cat lover was born. For the record, I also applied...
looking for cats that glow in the dark by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Up over on the AJOBlog is a post about the latest in South Korean cloning: cats that have bee genetically modified to glow in the dark . It's certainly coming in under the wire for "coolest things...
watching the cats that glow in the dark by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven A video followup to the posts about glowing cats: -Kelly [cross-posted to the AJOB blog ]