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Bloating After Eating

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Dr. Beckstead Henderson, Nevada
I am a holistic physician and founder of www.Freedom From – an online... More
monika California
Constance M. Loris, South Carolina
Dara N. Palos Verdes Estates, California
I'm 44 SAHM of 2. My top weight was 225 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I have battled my... More
westar88 Arlington, Texas

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from eating disorders often feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating. Part of this is their bodies trying... go to the doctor about it. I find I can't sleep from stomach pain if I eat dinner. I agree, you should see a doctor...
What’s causing this lady’s stomach to bloat after eating? by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor I came across this story today. It concerns a young lady who, it is claimed, can bloat up like a balloon shortly after she eats. Normal testing has not identified any particular problem...
Will a bloated stomach make you eat less? by Dr. Judith Wurtman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven this gel stopped eating for about 18 hours. Early tests with humans produced a sensation of fullness... that are in place, Attiva must be swallowed before eating. One can imagine a scenario in which someone goes...
Feeling bloated everyday What to eat? by Nelson V. Patient Expert Feeling bloated everyday What to eat? Oct 28, 2008 I have an ongoing daily problem... have accumulated visceral fat as a pot belly through lipoatrophy and have been trying to eat well- high protein...
Bloated by Gordon G. Healthy Living Professional I've been eating like a total pig the last few days. Candy, junk, cake, greasy pizza, you name it. Today I felt my stomach poking out - feeling bloated. I suck. 1000 - 1000 free 1000 - 5 x (100...
complain of occasional bloating and also tightness. These tend to get better over time. If you constantly look and feel bloated this far out from your surgery and you now "look 6 months pregnant", I'm a little...
of oatmeal is too much it can cause gas and bloating, so I keep the portion quite small (1/2 cup uncooked... (32 ounces) by lunchtime. Also, what else is in your diet? Excess dairy can cause intestinal bloating...
, it can make you bloated, especially if eaten raw.  There are 2 reasons for that: the sulfur content and the high fiber... before you eat. - Cooked broccoli: blanch the broccoli by boiling them 1 or 2 minutes...
Bloating is a very common sympto ... by NAFWA Healthy Living Professional Bloating is a very common symptom that people often experience after eating a meal. The bloating is usually felt in the lower part of the abdomen and sometimes in the upper section. Bloating usually feels
Bloated stomach with COPD… by Ron Patient Expert , and one I’ve suffered from all my life. It’s a condition called “aerophagy” – literally, air-eating, which causes a painfully bloated stomach. When it’s difficult to breathe, it’s a reflex action to swallow...

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Introduction to Healthy Eating

Here's how you can feel better today, and stay healthy for tomorrow: The food and physical activity choices you make every day affect your health—how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future:
  • Make smart choices from every food group.
  • Find your balance between food and physical activity.
  • Get the most nutrition out of your calories.

You may be eating plenty of food, but not eating the right foods that give your body the nutrients you need to be healthy. You may not be getting enough physical activity to stay fit and burn those extra calories. This booklet is a starting point for finding your way to a healthier you.