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Wellminded Center is an Orange County based drug and for teenagers and an adult that focuses on helping victims cope with drug and alcohol abuse. We provide drug rehab for teenagers and have designed a program for affected teens between the ages of 13 and 17, as well as those at risk. Our passion and care for improving our patients’ lives has led us to develop a unique drug rehab treatment program, focusing on prevention of a relapse. Our goal is to intervene as early as possible or... Full Bio
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Jan 22 2014 by Wellminded Center

Alcohol is considered as a social drug of choice. Every country has a law against drug consumption. Here find a list of 7 different countries with hard-hitting drug laws in the world.

Jul 30 2013 by Wellminded Center
Alcohal should never be a go-to solution to get through rough times. 
Apr 06 2013 by Wellminded Center
According to "Relapse & Recovery: Behavioral Strategies for Change," a research report by the Caron Foundation, one of the nation's oldest and largest addiction treatment centers, a relapse following treatment of alcohol or drug addiction is common, but it can be easily prevented. Some factors that influence the relapse rate -