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Health speakers have volunteered to host Wellinars wellness webinar sessions on healthful habits and strategy in a variety of communities.
We've partnered with Justin TV, a video platform that provides a fun and fast way to gather and engage with a live audience.

Wellinars provide:

  • Global live video conferences not restricted by requiring any travel
  • Real-time Q&A conversation enabled with speakers and other viewers
  • Live webinar sessions building future discussion around initial presentations
  • Downloading and sharing video sessions with press or the public
  • Free, informative, interactive and social media rich experiences
  • Healthful advice from those who've experienced important events like yours
When? Every Wednesday 8am PST / 11am EST or 11am PST / 2pm EST
How long? 45 minutes + 15 minutes of Q&A
How much? Free

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Wellinar Showcase

Mark S King Mark speaks about psychological and social aspects of living with HIV/AIDS, drug addiction recovery, lifestyle changes, and more. He was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1985, and has since become a thought-after educator and an award-winning writer. Read more of what he has to say at:
Jothy Rosenberg Jothy discusses regaining a sense of normalcy, self-confidence and self-respect while living with a disability and lung cancer. He is a two-time survivor of cancer. He's also an accomplished black diamond skier, competive cyclist, kayaker, swimmer and more. See more and connect with him through social media:
Philip McCluskey Philip covers aspects of juicing to improve ones diet or eventually form the basis of one's diet. He discusses his struggle with weight gain, past diets and the point that changed his life. He is a prolific presenter and writer in his areas of expertise. Visit his blog at or be his friend at
Lisa Brisse Lisa explains beast and exercise approaches by targeting stress, outsmarting fat cells and learning the science of weight loss. She is credentialed in several areas of sports medicine with over 17 years experience in physiology and lifestyle coaching. See more
Rachel Wilkerson Rachel talks about why losing weight is not just about your body. She lost 75 lbs, advocates researching over doing what's easy, and being realistic and focused. Visit her blog at or be her friend at
Lisa A Lundy Lisa is a motivational speaker and the author of TheSuperAllergyCookbook. She explains Celiac disease and the benefits of the gluten-free diet. Visit her blog at
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