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Welcome to Illinois is a blog about Down syndrome (or Down's syndrome if you're British like me). I am a husband, a father, and a writer and I live in West London. In March 2008 my wife and I found out that our second son, G, who was born in September 2008, has Downâ??s syndrome. Our first... Full Bio
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Special education needs and the UK election

Having stuck my beak into the US election, it’s funny that I don’t feel the same need to blog about the current UK election campaign in the...

Send a message to Sarah Palin

I’ve been neglecting this blog and my Down’s syndrome-related reading recently so I am very late with this, but if there is anyone reading this...

Mother Superior jumped the gun

Sarah Palin, the self-appointed Mother Superior of Down’s syndrome, has been at it again, this time describing an episode of Family Guy...

Sarah Palin is a f—ing hypocrite

Rahm Emanuel has been rightly criticized for his description of liberals activists as “f—ing retarded”, including a call from Sarah Palin for...
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