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Xenical without prescription

Posted by Linda is loosing pounds

i searched in web few online pharmacy and finally found one of them 


where you can buy xenical without prescription

for me this medication is a good friend like everybody here

i hope it will help me 

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It's amazing what you can find when you look. I was able to get Low cost Inderal from an offshore pharmacy and I"m so happy! Just make sure you're dealing with a legit company.

Please be extreemly careful with this! Not only is it illegal, it can also be deadly. Medications bought online are not always the real deal, but knock offs or placebo's made to look just like the medication you are ordering.

I learned this the hard way. Back in the day I ordered Phen - something - one part of the Phen/Phen drug after the big Phen/Phen recall. It was too strong, made me very nasty and gave me heart palpitations. Never again will I order medications over the internet. It's too dangerous!

Inderal is generic and should not cost that much to begin with, not to mention risk your life taking something from a company online.
Isn't it the same thing as Orlistat? Alli? It's not that expensive in stores and at least you know your getting the real deal. -Natalie
Eileen , a great comment,hope linda will take it serious.We have but one life,ones we loose it its gone forever.My point dont ever gamble with your life. cheers from *daisy
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