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What's the best routine for losing weight?

Posted by Jennifer P.

Does it matter if you do rowing machines, bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, or what? Anyone know?

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well as long that you are being very active , i think it would be good. like what i do is go jogging and i like biking to , so i do that to .
You need both cardio (to get your heart rate up) and low impact. These can be anything that you enjoy. For me, I do a combination of walking, belly dancing, and weights.

When I used to work in the fitness department of a sporting goods store people always asked what the best piece of equipment we had was. My response...whatever you will keep doing.

Anything you can do that will keep your heart rate up for 20-30 minutes...and that you enjoy the best in my opinion.

I've read it is always best to vary your routines. This way you aren't constantly using the same muscles, and your body won't get used to the movements.

My preferred machine is the elliptical.

I think what matters is what you enjoy doing and will use consistently. For me, I don't like the ellipticals but I have friends that love them. I'm a treadmill walker but prefer to walk outside weather permitting. I think what you'll do consistently is THE THING for each of us.


I'm doing interval style training with bodyweight exercises. I've built some muscle and I'm breathing pretty hard towards the end.
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