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How often do you weigh yourself?

Posted by Trinka G.

Do you weigh yourself every day, or just once a week or month?

Since you are more likely to have made measurable progress if you weigh once a week or month, it seems better to do that.

Or do you find it motivating to be reminded of your goal by weighing yourself every day?

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I'm with Kimbo81 - I weigh myself every morning before coffee. It keeps me more on track and if I see a low(er) number in the morning, I'm more motivated to eat better because what I'm doing is working.
I weigh myself everyday because I feel like it keeps me on track.

Hi Trinka - I need the accountability check in of weighing daily. If I don't weigh daily, I don't seem to stay as aware. Before I eat something during the day, I reflect on if I want to reach a certain number goal on the scale. Now, of course, that being said, I don't live by it because our successes aren't measured alone by the scale by any stretch! Our successes are all around us and more important than the scale. For me, I need the accountability of knowing that when I get on the scale, what I ate today will be the number I see tomorrow.


I've read it is best to be constant with your weighing routine. I always weigh myself every Monday morning right after going to the potty before I get in the shower. :)
I've heard plenty of people say that it's more advisable to weigh yourself once a week, since your weight can fluctuate (up to 2 pounds, I've heard) each day.
i just do when ever i want to , it does help to get to my goal
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