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How often do you eat throughout the day?

Posted by YiraBella Healthy Living Professional


I had a discussion with a friend who is trying to loose weight and said she was failing, nothing seems to work.  She revealed to me that her eating habits were great - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at 7am, noon and 6 pm.  She also said that many times she would feel sunch hunger around 3 pm and she could feel herself feeling ready for a nap, tired and cranky.

I told her to try a new way of eating.  Break your heathy foods into two and eat the other half in between meals.  So her breakfast was a bowl of cereal, fat free milk, yogurt and fruit she would eat the yogurt and fruit mid morning.  Her lunch was a salad with chicken or tuna, apple sauce or some other fruit I told her to save the fruit for mid afternoon and add a tablespoon of peanut butter for protein and for dinner I told her to cut that back as well and to eat some carrots, celery sticks instead.  Then if she gets an 8PM craving to drink hot cocoa, popcorn, yogurt with a little granola, fat free pudding or some fruit.  

She said "it seems like I'm eating all day long."  Well that's the idea, to keep the glucose levels on a horizontal line.

The first week she lost 3 lbs, the second week she lost 3 lbs, now she is loosing between 1 and 3 lbs each week.  She has since started walking because, she has the energy in the afternoon or after work and she doesn't feel so cranky at the end of the day.  She really didn't have to change much to get her going.  She needs to loose over 100 lbs but she is reaping the benefits of eating all day in the way she feels.

I try to keep protein bars and hand fruit in my gym bag and my purse as well as bottles of water.  So what do you do to feed your body and your weightloss progress throughout the day? 


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I agree with your "all day grazing" type of eating. I mean, if I am hungry - I need to eat something! Waiting will only make it worse and usually ends up with me eating a pint of ice cream instead of a salad.

I personally am doing the low carb/high protien thing, so carrots are not really a good snack choice for me, as they have natural sugars. Celery and almonds on the other hand, are a great, crunchy snack. I keep almonds in my drawer at work, and fully stocked at home.

Drinking lots of water will not only help you lose weight, but also help your skin, which is always a plus.

Low carb is a good diet for me. It helps me remember which foods are "bad" and "good". After a while, I stop craving high carb foods like pasta and bread. I do have carbs though! I just make sure there is a high fiber content and is not refined sugar or starch. Brown rice, peanut butter and things like that stay on my list, but in moderation.

Eileen, Thanks for the input and you are correct in paying close attention to the items that may seem good for you but may be contradictory to your dietary needs due to their gycemic index.  I love eating almonds when I need something crunchy plus it takes a while to eat a handfull of those which buys me more time when I'm running around with the kids.  Good luck in keeping up with your nutritional needs.
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