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Frozen Dinners

Posted by sfoster85

Hello Weight Loss Team! I was wondering if any of you out there had recommendations for any type of frozen dinners or premade dinners for taking to work for lunch. I don't have a lot of extra time to prepare things at home, so usually I'm just able to take the little "mickey mouse" dinners from the frozen food aisles. I know a lot of these are unhealthy and don't fill you up so you tend to eat more because you're not full yet!

 Does anyone have meals that they like and are good to help follow some kind of diet/healthy eatting? Do these meals fill you up?

I'm hoping that once it comes winter time I'll have more time for pre-cooking and preparing some lunch meals at home to bring to work. Also it you have go ideas on quick prep meals to bring in that would be great.

Thank you for your time and advice!

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Thank you for the tips. I like number 3 especially and it seems easy and quick enough for me to fix at work!
Hello, I do eat frozen meals for lunch or dinner.  And have lost weight with them. I eat Banquet meals, and the Michelinas,  they are just right on the serving size. I will only eat one a day and about two or maybe three a week.  Iam a disabled truck driver and now my wife works so this is easy and fast for me, that way she dont have cook for me when she gets home.

Thank you for the advice Dewayne. I like the Michelinas also!


I LOVE the Amy's meals- they aren't "diet" but most of them are fairly low calorie (around 300 calories) and taste absolutely incredible. All are vegetarian and organic- a little more expensive than other frozen dinners but all the ingredients are things you would find in a regular kitchen as opposed to a chemical plant, and the taste really is great. I love the Indian meals and the veggie burgers- I cook a veggie burger the night before while prepping dinner, then grab some bread/cucumber/tomato in the morning and make a sandwich at lunch, or make extra salad while I cook dinner and chop ne of the burgers into it. Great way to incorporate more veggies into your diet!

Hi sfoster85!  I agree with Ellie: I love Amy's frozen meals and there's even a new Light and Lean line with most dinners under 250 calories!  Have you tried packing your lunch at night?  When I worked days, I would pack my lunch immediately after I ate dinner so I didn't have to worry about it in the mornings.  You can also buy prechopped produce that you can easily grab throughout the week.  Or buy a loaf of whole grain bread (or gluten free) plus condiments and lean deli to meat to keep at your office.

 Good luck!  And I hope your schedule calms down :) 

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