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This is nutty good: Kickin' Chipotle-Almond Chicken by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook I'm a Blue Diamond Tastmaker and was compensated with the almonds for this recipe. Salty-sweet is definitely a hot flavor combo -- I just bought a salted c ... Read on »
Hate Panty Lines? 7 Seamless Pairs Reviewed! Plus My Favorite Workout Capris! by Roni N. Patient Expert So a few weeks ago I had it up to here with panty lines.  I know, I know, it’s not that big of a deal, but I hate them. And for a girl who also hates thongs and refuses t ... Read on »
I Hope Molly Is The Next FOX Sports North Girl by Theantijared Patient Expert I was on Facebook the other day and my friend James asked his friends for a favor. One of his coworkers has a daughter who is in the running to be the next FOX Sports ... Read on »
The Fitness Instructor And The Man Who Never Ate A Salad by Theantijared Patient Expert I still love that! Come on Sean, you NEVER ate a salad? Like never! I remember when we first spoke five years ago . Two weight loss bloggers in a world of daily upda ... Read on »
Tunes for Tuesday: Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook This song and video are stinkin' cute and I can definitely see it in my next Jazzercise class.   ... Read on »
Week 37 Pregnancy Update by coffeecakeandcardio The Bump Movement – I still love feeling my baby girl kick and punch but I’ll admit, it hurts sometimes!! Baby Prep – I didn’t really do any baby prep last ... Read on »
Coconut oil scalp treatment: The route to thick, long & shiny hair by kimmie1980ca When was the last time you gave your scalp a facial? Yes… you read right. I said when was the last time you gave your scalp a facial? Because, like our face, the scal ... Read on »
Weight Loss is Great but This is Better… by Roni N. Patient Expert Yesterday I got this amazing email: I’ve been reading your site for a few years now, but haven’t ever contacted you before…  I’ve been working on a lifestyle overha ... Read on »
Water, water everywhere by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook Well, that was a distressing few days, but it appears that everything with the blog is back to normal. It's actualy the "new normal" because is now t ... Read on »
Doctor’s appointment and other updates by Mae Flowers I hope everyone had a great weekend! Our little family took our first camping trip. We enjoyed our time. Hopefully this is the first of many. I mentioned that I had a ... Read on »