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Hitting the Gym - it does your SPIRIT good! by Kelliann F. It seems that weekly posts are as good as we are going to get around here right now.  I didn't set foot in the gym all weekend. Usually my weekends are scheduled around ... Read on »
I'm a MONKEY - VIDEO by Kelliann F. YEAH BITCHES!!! I am SO proud of this! The first time I've ever been able to do this! Well, technically it was the 2nd time - because I did it once in the workout and ... Read on »
Giveaway! Using my other noodle, the Veggetti kind by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook (It's noodles! From zucchini! So they're zoodles!) I amuse easily. Because this made me giggle -- long, neverending strings of zucchini that I ... Read on »
Why I Love The Husband… by Roni N. Patient Expert His response to my body image woes:  “You’re an idiot.” Followed by… “Oops! Did I say that out loud? and a smirk.” I love that he calls me out on stuff like t ... Read on »
Sensational Summer Weigh In: Week 60 Post-Op VSG by Bella C Patient Expert It’s summertime! Which means that school is out, my schedule is my own, and I’m footloose and fancy free.  Summer means the weather is warm, the sun is shinin ... Read on »
Tunes for Tuesday: Play Hard, by David Guetta, ft. Ne-Yo & Akon by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook The video is seriously weird but this is one of my favorite workout songs. Read on »
Week 33 Pregnancy Update by coffeecakeandcardio The Bump Baby Prep – Last week I went a little Amazon crazy.  I think Amazon Prime and I are going to be the best of friends after the baby arrives!  It was so ... Read on »
20 Things I Ate Today by Roni N. Patient Expert After my week of boardwalk indulgences, I’ve decided not to focus on calories or quantity as much as quality of my food choices. I’m not keeping a traditional food journa ... Read on »
My Wife Never Knew I Was In Shape Magazine by Theantijared Patient Expert “You were never in Shape Magazine.” “Yes I was.” “When?” “In 2012.” “Really? Why didn’t you ever tell me?” I never told my wife I was in Shape Magazine. I ... Read on »
Back to Reality - Vacation Recap by EmaDW The husband and I spent last week in Dauphin Island , Alabama.  What a gorgeous place! We had nothing on our agenda besides relaxing.  It was a much needed break. ... Read on »