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November 2014 Goals by coffeecakeandcardio I can’t believe that October has come and gone.   October has always been a really special month and this year didn’t disappoint!  I was able to spend most of the month at h ... Read on »
Dear Strangers, Please don’t ask about my baby’s hemangioma by Mae Flowers At about a week old, a spot appeared on the back of baby girl’s head. Hubby and I actually noticed it at her newborn assessment appointment and were worried because it lo ... Read on »
Using Psychology to Lose Weight—See What Happens When You Try It by Doctor of Philosophy by Maria's Last Diet She starts. “I had a terrible day yesterday. The kids were home from school and each one of them had a friend over. I thought I could handle it, ... Read on »
Day In The Life: Back to Work by coffeecakeandcardio Yesterday was my first day back at work after 6 glorious weeks at home with Magnolia.  I spent a lot of time Monday preparing for the day; washing and prepping bottles, pack ... Read on »
I want to go hiking in Arizona again! by Mae Flowers Back in February, my sister and I took a trip to Arizona. We were both pregnant, only three weeks apart! This was a quick trip for the two of us before we both welcomed o ... Read on »
I Was The So-Called “Fat Man” On That Jetstar Flight by Theantijared Patient Expert I see that there is a story going around about one of your passengers (Rich) who sat next to a “baby hippopotamus”. It went viral last year and is going viral again. ... Read on »
Pumpkin Party! by Lori K. Healthy Living Professional We got a chance to christen our dining room and kitchen with a pumpkin carving party on Monday night!  It’s a little early to be carving, but the only chance we had where ... Read on »
Water You Drinking? by GiGiEats Water You Drinking? October 28, 2014 by GiGi EatsCelebrities You’d think one of the worst experiences when drinking water is to chug a few gulps… Only t ... Read on »
Quick and Easy Pumpkin Fluff Recipe by coffeecakeandcardio Pumpkin fluff is easily one of my favorite fall recipes! It’s so incredibly easy to make and is ideal for snacks or parties! What more could you ask for in a dish? Oh yeah I ... Read on »
Fifth Grade Girl Writes About Dad Losing Weight To Ride A Roller Coaster by Theantijared Patient Expert Andrea Schiappacasse is a fifth-grade teacher at Allen Elementary in Southgate, Michigan. She recently gave her students an assignment. She wanted her kids to write down a ... Read on »