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3 “Healthy” Easter Candy Recipes You & Your Bunnies Will Love… by okumanutritionals Happy (“Good”) Friday! This weekend is “Easter” Sunday for many who celebrate either the holiday with their family, or even a religion associated with Easter. ... Read on »
Things I Absolutely Will Never Try -- And One That I Would by Amanda F. Patient Expert In the endless struggle of my friend Danielle having BRILLIANT ideas and me wanting nothing to do with them, I bring you the latest " Eff you! I'm a GENIUS ." ... Read on »
I used to laugh at people who baked Quest bars until I tried it ... by Gail Gedan Spencer Facebook (This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the Quest bars with my own cash money -- but I did have a coupon.) I've had a conflicted relationship with Quest bars ... Read on »
21 Healthy Food Swaps! by okumanutritionals   Slimming Tea Drinkers are constantly telling me about how they’ve begun to: Lose Weight Feel More Productive Sleep More Easily Feel Less An ... Read on »
A Quick Throwback Thursday from CA by Roni N. Patient Expert Hey guys! The 8-Year-Old and I are in a roadside hotel in Buellton, CA. We’ve been sucking the marrow out of this trip. Words can’t really capture how I feel right now. It ... Read on »
Gender Guess Giveaway by coffeecakeandcardio I am BEYOND excited to find out what we’re having next week!  I know there’s always a chance we won’t be able to determine the gender at the anatomy scan, but I’m hoping t ... Read on »
When Will Fitness Gurus Stop Saying Fat People Are Lazy? by Theantijared Patient Expert Sharny Kieser is a trainer known as “Fitmum”. She is in the news now for encouraging women to take a picture of them in a bikini to inspire themselves to get back into sh ... Read on »
Spring? by Lori K. Healthy Living Professional Woke up this morning and it was not even 30 degrees! Brrr…. It started snowing last night around 9 or so and I was sure we were going to have a bunch of snow on the ground ... Read on »
Teachers Change Lives, So Can You by Amanda F. Patient Expert Every single day, teachers are going above and beyond the standard to change and improve lives. Think about how much you know - think about what your life would be like ... Read on »
More Important Than Exercise?… by okumanutritionals More Important than Exercise? Getting in shape and losing weight always involves two things: exercise and eating right. I recently saw a meme with a picture ... Read on »