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Your weight loss goals determine your success

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Did you know that your weight loss goals determine the effectiveness of your dieting and weight loss efforts?

For example, when you have a clear weight loss goal, you can get feedback on just how you're doing (your performance). The feedback will tell you where and when to direct your attention and what kind of efforts you need to make. This will put you on the right track because you'll be adjusting your performance so that it'll be most relevant for your goal.

Consider a weight loss goal like the following: I'm going to learn about what it takes to avoid unnecessary snacking at night. While this sounds clear, it's still too vague to be at its most effective.

Here is a more specific version of this goal: Once a day, I'm going to make a list of the emotional, social, and practical situations that trigger my nighttime snacking. I'm also going to make a list of what I can do about each one of them.

Being more specific, as you can see, eliminates any ambiguity about what your goals actually are. You've given each "part" of your goal a verifiable point of reference, and you'll know exactly when you've hit your mark. You'll also have a better idea of what it'll take to hit that mark as well.

Now you're in the driver's seat. The precision with which you set your goal will bring you lots of important benefits: increased commitment, accurate feedback, better task strategies, rapid progression, confidence, and influence over your behavior.

The clearer your goal, the surer your path to it will be.

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