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Your Weight Loss Goal, Hoops, and Movie Stars

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

They have a lot in common!

They say in order to make a breakthrough toward any goal you are pursuing, you need to keep hanging around in the right neighborhood. What does this mean?

Well, it means immersing yourself in the problem, trying out solutions, thinking about it, being open to new ideas about it, trying out new routes to getting there, learning from mistakes, refining future efforts. All of this greatly increases the likelihood that you will have a breakthrough and reach your goal.

So--how does basketball relate to this? Quality players know that in order to score, you need to keep hanging around the areas where you make your best shots. A player may be off his/her shot in one particular game, but it's continually being there, in the right place, attempting those shots, that will eventually pay off in points scored.

It's the same with movie stars. Often we'll see a hit movie with a lead actress we've not seen before. We might think of her as an overnight success. This is almost never true. She has most likely:

  • Gone on twenty or more auditions
  • Lost roles to other actors
  • Taken many acting classes
  • Watched many movies
  • Taken some very minor roles

Moral of the story...  Keep hanging out in weight-loss country and you'll get there!

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