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Your Weight Control Problem and What Someone Close to You Knows

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:01pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Does your significant other know things about you and your weight problem that you don' t know?
This is a chance to learn things that will really help you lose the weight.

Have your significant other take this quiz and listen carefully to the answers.

To your significant other: either write your answers to the following or talk to her about them.
Try to be as straight as you can.


  1. Do you think she denies her problems with weight?

  2. Does she rationalize her eating problem away?

  3. Does she blame others too much for her problem?

  4. Does she hide things from you about her eating habits?

  5. Does she listen when you voice your concerns?

  6. Do you think she suffers a lot because she is overweight?

  7. In what ways do you see her suffer?

  8. Does she ask you for weight-loss support enough?

  9. How would you describe her self-esteem?

  10. Does she procrastinate when it comes to doing something about her weight?

  11. Do you think she really wants to lose the weight?

  12. Do you think she engages in self-defeating behaviors?

  13. Do you feel frustrated by her problems in this area?

  14. Do you think she has what it takes to lose the weight?

  15. Does she have a real understanding of her difficulties with eating properly and weight control?

  16. What bothers you most about her problem with losing the weight?

  17. Does she have the strength to face her shortcommings?

  18. Do you wish she would talk to you about this problem more?

  19. Are you worried about her health?

  20. Do you think she handles stress well?

  21. Do you wnat her to lose the weight?

  22. Would you like to help her?

  23. How do you think you could help her?

  24. Do you think she would accept your help?

  25. Do you think your answers will open up a helpful dialog with her?


It' s good to step out of ourselves and see what someone else thinks of us. Some of your significant other' s answers might be ones you didn' t expect at all. They might even be things you' ve never thought of before.

This is a great learning tool. Open your mind and heart to your significant other' s ideas and feelings about you and your weight problem might just give you the totally fresh viewpoint you need.

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