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Your Secret Weight Loss Tip - Protein, Protein, Protein

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:18pm 1 Comment
Whenever you hear somebody give you their latest tip to help increase your weight loss results, you can guarantee that there will be something different given out each time as the latest and greatest fad that will "definitely work for you".

The one tip that is rarely ever spoken about however is to ensure that you eat protein with each and every single meal. Why is protein so beneficial? There are a number of reasons but let me start from the top.

The most important reason why you should be having some type of protein with each and every meal that you eat each day is because it increases your body's sense of fullness.

What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, you will not be as hungry after eating something that has protein as the major ingredient. You will feel fuller longer. Compare this to if you eat something that is highly processed and full of sugars like potato chips. Your body will be craving them and without a doubt you will be feeling hungry again almost as soon as you finish your mouthful and you will want to eat more and more without ever getting that sense of fullness until you have stuffed yourself silly.

Another great reason is because protein is also known as the body's building block. It is used to repair your muscles after training and exercise. By having protein you will be helping repair those muscles that you have exhausted during your session and it will help you emerge leaner and stronger as a result.

Now that you know two reasons why protein is essential to your daily diet requirements, what are the best sources for you to get this protein?

Glad you asked! The best sources are those that are fresh and natural. Good examples include lean meats like turkey and chicken breast; lean red meats are also a good source. Eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils, tofu, and beans are also all great ways to get your protein intake each day. You could even include Greek yoghurt as a good protein source as this has little human interference. Being a vegetarian is no excuse as you saw some great examples above that are vegetarian options.

Protein is an essential component of every meal that you have from breakfast right through to your after dinner snack. Once you realise the importance that protein plays in your weight loss role, only then will you be able to finally achieve the body that you deserve and rightly desire.

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Just some additional comments regarding the importance of Protein in fat loss to back up what has been said...

One of the reasons that protein "increases your body's sense of fullness" is that protein is harder for the body to metabolise (break down).  This has another very positive effect on fat loss because the body needs to utilise more calories (work harder).  In using more energy (burning more calories) it assists in maintaining the energy balance that is so important in fat loss.  Energy Balance?  Yep.. this is a key element to success fat loss and simply means that there is a balance each day between the number of calories you take in, and the number of calories that you actually use.  If you take in more calories than you use each day, you will gain body fat.  If you take in less calories (no more than 1000 calories per day maximum and typically recommended at 500 calories per day for steady results), then you will lose body fat.  This just makes good sense.  If you have too much fuel in your body, it gets stored as fat for use at a later stage.  If you have less fuel going in than you need each day, then your body must draw on its reserve tanks (fat) to find the energy it needs.  The result...fat loss.

I want to provide some meaningful information for you to help you to understand PROTEIN a little better and to help you understand how to achieve the desired lean physique you are after.

I am referring you to a post about Protein on our Thrive Healthy Living website:

As you can see in the title, this is Part 2b  of a series which deals with the science of macro nutrients and calories, and understanding how to balance these correctly no matter what shape you are currently in so that you can reach your desired target.

Achieving a lean, healthy, strong physique can be easy when you first understand that the most important part of the process is NOT the training, but IS what you are eating, when you are eating it, and how to ensure that the macro nutrient balance is set to optimise your fat loss/lean muscle gain.

Part 1 of this series teaches you how to know what your daily caloric intake should be based on your Total Daily Caloric Expenditure. This is the first and most important step in achieving your goals.  This is the "How Much Fuel Should I Have Each Day?" You can read this post here:

Part 2a of this series talks about Carbohydrates, their role, where to get them, the difference between high GI and low GI and when each is appropriate, how much you should be getting each day, and when to ensure you are getting them. You can read this post here:

If you read these posts and apply the knowledge to your own daily routines, you will soon see the body fat% on your scales coming down!

Good Luck!

John Pilato

Thrive Healthy Living


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